Saturday, 5 July 2008

Getting back my sewing mojo.

In Feb this year, I went on a trip to Vietnam. We cycled for 2 weeks and then spent a week recovering. Hoi An is a great place to get clothes tailored and shoes so I got clothes and shoes made to measure.

Normally I sew like the wind but when I got back home, I had no inspiration left. I even sent some fabrics back to VN and they came back, made to measure. There were some adjustments to be made but they all came back to fit.

My sewing buddy Sharon encouraged me to join a sewing challenge in June, which I started and then got stuck. My open ended zipper was too long for a shortie like me. Now I've solved the zipper issue and I'll place a few photos up shortly.

thephantom has had a sewing blog for ages and she's been sewing up a storm to have a great wardrobe when she heads o/s in September.

Altering clothes and making the basics is boring. I can do this type of sewing but it's not a creative challenge.

My sewing aim now is to get through my fabric stash and do more creative sewing, rather than the "hum drum" work wear. Photos to come...

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Sharon said...

Lovely to see you. Can't wait to see the photos and thank you for the comments.


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