Monday, 28 July 2008

June/July Stash Competition

Since travelling overseas, I realised that having stacks of fabric in your wardrobe is not good. It's simply excessive. I chose to enter a stash competition. Well it's winter and it's perfect sewing weather. Sewing for this competition (June - July) plus watching the Tour de France each night took its toll on my energy levels.
The competition ended on Thursday 31/7/08 so here are some of the items I made. The dress is fabric from Tessutis. It's not easy to sew with and I chose a pattern that needs a firmer fabric to really make the A-line show better. The brown tie back top was sewn under the influence of Lemoncello. It does wonders for your creativity. The grey short sleeved t-shirt in jersey was also Lemoncello influenced and I've worn it to work with over a white shirt and black pants. I saw this look in a mag and loved it. So now it's my look. Fierce.

Below are the other items I made as part of the stash competition:
- two tops in "McCalls 8777"
- two tops in "A match"
- the first top in "Vintage fabric from the 70's"
- the jacket in "Short & sweet"
- two skirts to match the "Short and sweet" jacket

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