Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Vietnam - outsourcing your stash

Hoi An is a great place to get clothes and shoes made to measure. I did just that earlier this year. As a sewer, I was able to figure out whether the tailor shop we used was worthwhile. At the resort end of Hoi An there are some smaller tailor shops. I tried one and it wasn't worth the fabric I paid for.
The better tailor I used was Yaly in Nguyen st. Here's the level of detail they go to:
- I was measured in over 10 areas.
- My photo was taken against a wall chart - left side, back view and front view.
- I have two fittings .
When you get fitted, you're give a card with the name of the sales person and date when you're measurements were taken. KEEP THIS CARD. Why? Because that's the person who takes responsibility for your garments. Better still, if you want more tailoring done with you get home, use this as reference in your email. Seriously. It's a great way to outsource your sewing stash, once you get home.

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