Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Great jeans jacket - Vogue 7610

Here's my trusty jeans jacket. The red one was a trial, to test the sizing. I decided to make this after one of my sewing buddies found this pattern and then we all exclaimed "ooohh - noice." The blue and brown versions are size 10 in the shoulders, slightly shorter in the waist, using good quality stretch woven cord from Knitwit.
When it's really cold, this isn't a warm jacket but it's "weekend worthy" in my books. The snaps are the long prong version and Mick from Mick's buttonhole service in Redfern (previously at Surry Hills) applied them for me. He's now at 22 Botany St, Redfern.
The instructions for the back yoke and hem band are not easy, so I did this my way. That being, I applied the facing once the jacket fashion fabric was done. I applied the hem band front side first, for a cleaner edge.
Now that shirt dresses are back in, I'm going to try view B. Wish me luck.


Nosila said...

Nice jackets, velosewer! I know what you mean about the bands..it's a silly way to apply them & I will be doing the same as you if I ever get my black corduroy number to that stage. It's only been 5 years! :)

velosewer said...

Why not bring it with at the next sewing session?


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