Monday, 15 September 2008

Another pattern tried - Vogue 8420

For starters, the jersey fabric I used was fairly heavy for this pattern and the blousing on the waistline needs to be long. For a short person like me, that's a hard thing to do so next time I'll make this with a very fine jersey or knit netting- if at all.
The front of the top has a facing and that added more weight to the top.
The other thing that I was disappointed with was the side view was an embarrasing sight as the elastic is only in the front.
If I make this again, I'll use very lightweight knit with no facing, raise up the neckline, bring the neckline in on the sides, use shirring elastic around the waist and lengthen the blouse.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Pattern stash - New Look 6871

This is one of those basic patterns that you buy because it's got lots of the basics. The trouble has been getting the time to use it so while I'm in this pattern stash competition, the motivation is there to break open each pattern and use it.
This pattern includes a round neck dress and tunic top with short sleeves, a sleeveless dress and top, and a straight skirt. It's good value as it covers sizes 6 - 16 so I made the tunic top with sleeves in a 10 - 12 size.
You'll notice that the tunic looks like a normal top as I didn't want the side splits. The instructions were dead easy to follow. I used plastic elastic around the neck finish to have a slightly gathered looking neckline. This finish gave the top a more contemporary feel to it.
The overlocker made this a quick top to sew and I used seams great on the shoulder seams to give it stability.
There is a centre back seam that is handy for sway back adjustment.
I used a cotton stretch knit that I bought at Knitwit. The fabric has lycra and good recovery but I didn't have enough so I used another fabric with similar colours for the back piece.


Saturday, 6 September 2008

Pattern stash - M4783 done

This is a new pattern that I've done before in a straight skirt style. What I did this time was use a fine cotton that would not billow out too much. When I tried on the shell, I could see through the fabric. So that I wouldn't offend anyone, I've lined the skirt. The waist is reinforced with cotton twill tape and I've added black lace on the hem. It's not that noticeable but it's a bit girlie, so this is going to be a weekend skirt. I've used a normal zipper on the side seam and ignored the centre back seam offered in this pattern. With this fabric the centre back seam was a waist/waste of time.

Monday, 1 September 2008

McCalls 8777 - when a top grows up

While waiting around for the pattern stash competition to start, I lost my cool and decided to make a couple of simple tops that I've made before.
The black and white print knit top is a piece of fabric that I bought at Pitt Trading a few weeks ago. For all of $5, I thought this would be an easy top to make a wear. It was slightly slippery and the neckline finish drove me nuts. It didn't drive me to drink 'cause I'm still getting over the flu.
I used fold over elastic and the neckline looked like I was being strangled so out came the unpicker. Then I folded the fabric back once and zigzaged it. The neckline became too big - this is starting to sound like little red riding hood. Then I decided to use fold over elastic and the neckline was just about right. The neckline is still very round and I've tried to make it more v-neck, however, when I bend over, nothing shows so I'm happy and I'll wear it.
The green fabric is a piece I bought at the latest Tessuti's sale. The fabric has a bubbly surface and has good memory, so instead of making a hip length v-neckline top, I extended it over my rump and now it's a dress. The main measure I used was to add more fabric so that it would pull or look embarrasing. It worked and this time the dress took 2 hours from cutting to the final neckline finish. I used seams great on both the shoulder seams and neckline for more stability. Now to wear the dress and keep an ear out for the wolf whistle...


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