Sunday, 2 November 2008

Make it work - Vogue 8420

I've now simplified a complex pattern. I feel like I've been simplifying problems all week.

After unpicking the sleeves, underfacing, elastic in the front waistline and shoulder seams, I:
- took off 2cm from the shoulder seams
- added clear elastic in the neckline edge, turned it over once and then straight stitched
- sewed on the sleeves and finished the side seams
- added three rows shirring elastic on the waistline.

Now this top works for me. I just couldn't throw this top out because it's a great colour.

The fitting advice came from my sewing mates a couple of weeks ago.
Thanks ladies :)

I can now see that if you have a small cup size, this top can really help you make more of what you've got.

1 comment:

Sharon said...

Great save Maria, that's why sewing buddies are such treasures


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