Monday, 26 January 2009

New pattern McCalls 5753

This piece of fushia poly suiting has been sitting in my wardrobe for over eight years so I'm going to use it as a trial fabric for this new pattern. The fabric is suiting-like but doesn't feel clingy against your skin.
The colour is really loud but I've decided on a simple v-neck, no sleeves with pockets in the same fabric. The beauty of doing this is I can test out the pattern with a forgiving piece of fabric that might fit into my work wardrobe of greys, black and navy staples. Stranger things have happened.
The bodice is lined so I've now done my usual adjustments - sway back, rolled shoulders and I'm using size 12 to fit over my rear. I will use the overlocker to finish the seams, where I can. I've also decided to use my favourite zipper - the invisible zip.
Tonight I finished cutting out the dress and tomorrow, I'll begin constructing the bodice.
If this pattern is easy to make up, I have a navy/grey linen piece in my stash that I'll make up with sleeves - for another construction challenge.

Saturday, 24 January 2009

Fabric stash #4 - summer silk McCalls 5050

I bought this fabric on sale a Tessuti's a couple of years ago and I easily made it into a top. French seams are a must but the fabric is so soft, making the top is just so enjoyable to do.
Don't get me wrong, it's not smooth sailing because the last time I made up this top, I placed elastic on the sleeve so I automatically did the same to this top and the effect was useless.
The top of sleeves didn't match to the top of the front and back views so I breathed deeply and used my scissors to make them match.
The fabric needs very little ironing and I used see-through elastic on the waistline and neckline. Again, I had to be courageous when I placed the wider elastic directly on the waistline. I also had to adjust the neckline elastic so that the neckline fell nicely on me decolletage.
It's steaming hot outside so I'm happy to stay inside with the aircon and sew a few nice summer pieces for the fabric stash contest.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Fabric stash #3 'Microsleep' - Butterick 4985

Here's my second fabric stash piece. It's a plain white shirt with some crotchet lace detail on the sleeves and the collar. When I was about to take the photo, I realised the collar lace was underneath and not on top as planned. I took my time making this shirt up because I need a classic white shirt so yesterday when I finally put the collar onto the shirt I didn't check what I was doing. So in 5 minutes, I've added a lace piece on the top of the collar. Phew.

Monday, 5 January 2009

fabric stash #2 - what was I thinking?

After I started sewing this dress, I realised that this fabric was meant to be dress lining, for an idea I had years ago. I used a cross-over top and extended it to become a cross-over dress. The fabric has good two-way stretch, for lining, but a nightmare for a dress.
The colour is not one of my 'colours' so again, what was I thinking.

Here is an example of why the top works well with the right fabric.

If I do this style again, it will be using a one-way stretch, dark fabric with limited waistline features.

Friday, 2 January 2009

Fabric stash #1 - Kwik Sew 2683

Until the end of Feb, I'll be doing my best to get rid of as much fabric as I can through a fabric stash competition. Last year I managed to complete 12 pieces in eight weeks so I'm going to see if I can match that, this time around.
This is my first piece, using Kwik Sew 2683 and the last of this fabric that I bought at Pitt Trading early last year.
I've made the neckline lower and v-neck. I've also used fold over elastic on the neckline and sleeve hem. This is now a basic T to wear with jeans.


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