Sunday, 22 February 2009

Fabric stash #10 - Kwik sew 2694

This pattern has two very flattering cross-over tops. This is an extension of view B. I've used white fold over elastic because:
a) I didn't have fold over elastic in brown
b) If I did have brown fold over elastic, the elastic would have hidden in the fabric print.

The fabric pattern does match up at the side seams, through no planning on my part. I think this was due to happen because of the way the fabric print repeats so frequently.

If you're into finished seams, this knit doesn't need any. I cut the pattern out last night (Saturday) and put it together this morning, before we went for a bike ride this morning.

I used 'seams great' on the shoulder seam, to keep the neck/shoulder line stable. 'Seams great' is a reliable product to use on knits. The fabric is from Emmaonesock.

1 comment:

Sheila said...

Nice dress and like the idea of using Version B for a dress.


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