Monday, 27 April 2009

McCalls 8777 - Tiered fabric

Working with tiered fabric can bring you undone. The fabric has some give but not as much as you need - just look at the picture above. It's stretch over my chest and that's not the look I was after.

The pattern is a basic top that I've done before so I used it as a template but I added 2cms to the side seams and went for 3/4 length sleeves so it's now a little black dress.

The black fabric was a bargain from Pitt Trading - one of my favourite haunts.
Tip: if the tiers won't stay in place when you're sewing the seams. stay stitch them in place. The green/grey fabric was a cinch to sew together but the black fabric was not co-operative.

I did buy the pink version of the black fabric and as it's more a colour that would suit my 4yr old niece, she might get a groovy hoodie jacket for her birthday next month. She loves pink

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