Monday, 20 April 2009

Vogue 8379 - $4 dress

This year my aim is to use my unused patterns. Last year I bought a few patterns because I felt I needed to update my style a bit. My height and weight dictates the type of styles I wear but I love colour. When I saw this wrap dress pattern, the diagram on the envelope hints that plain or small pattern fabric would suit the design.

Last year I visited The Fabric Store in Surry Hills and after spending time admiring the fabric, I bought a 2m jersey remnant for $4. Navy is one of my colours and the jersey stretch memory was really strong.

After assessing my true measurements (deep breath), I did my normal sway back adjustment, rolled shoulders, and increased the waist measurement (something I'm dealing with post Easter).

This pattern has a couple of pleats at the waistline that I left in to see how they helped the style line. After measuring the shoulder to waist measure, I elongated the bodice by adding 2 cm because the waistline seemed too high for me

The other thing I changed was the skirt fullness. Again, my height and developed calves means I avoid skirts that are full near the ground. I took 5cm out of the skirt fullness.
The pattern is designed for 2.3m of fabric and I only had 2m, so the front wrap we replaced with a normal skirt front. I didn't add a zipper because of the strength of the spandex in the jersey. I also left out the sleeve cuff because I avoid drawing attention to my hips.

I also added interfacing on both pieces of the collar to keep the collar in place. Now I need to decide which knit dress I enter in the Knit comp on Pattern Review.


Joyce said...

The color and the dress is very flattering on your body. Great job!! I'm thinking you'll be making more of this pattern.
Joyce in NC

Sharon said...

Looking very good, and your pattern adjustments are spot on. Hard decision which to enter in the competition they both look excellent.

velosewer said...

I have another idea in mind. I hope your holiday is going well.


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