Friday, 1 January 2010

Getting comfortable - McCalls 5464

I originally made this dress up in August for a weekend event. It's a McCalls pattern - M5464. The dress fitted well at the time and I wore it without realising it was kind of short to wear to work. Of course I haven't worn this to work and I might not. It will depend on the occasion.
The skirt had pleated lace on the hem to make it a decent length with flat shoes but when I wore last weekend, it did nothing for me. During the week I added the red lace around the neckline.
Yesterday I decided to add a ruffle on the lining, to add more length on the hem.

Once I added the ruffle hem length, I decided that the red lace around the neckline was too much. I pulled back from my original idea of using the red lace to give the dress some definition.

Now I feel like to can wear this dress on the weekend, and not just around the house. I mean weekend wear while catching up with friend. I'm still not sure about wearing it to work. I'll need to make a cardie, or wear it with a black jacket.
I enjoyed the challenge of making this work for me. The ruffle was from my a-line skirt pattern Butterick 3597.

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