Sunday, 28 March 2010

charity sewing

The organisers of the Rhodes Sewing Guild group were given a donation by Canada Bay Council. The community hall that Rhodes uses is owned by the council so as a thank you, yesterday was a charity sewing day for the Canada Bay community.

Sharon and Kay bought some fleece stretch cotton for the caps and turbans. The patterns were courtesy of By the time I got to the group, everyone was already into making their article of choice. One of the ladies had already completed a very fetching purple cap with a SITC flower. The range of walker caddie bag ideas in the room with personal stash fabric were inspiring.
I didn't have much time to spend with the group so I picked up the pattern for the bags walker caddies.
The black floral version was my first attempt. Since I've been making so much dark clothing, I used bits and pieces to test out how this bag would work. There's plenty of large buttons in my stash, so that's became my closure choice.
A couple of years ago, I bought 6 metres of this quilt fabric for toiles, so I used it for a couple of bags. The buttons used were from an Events factory sale, possible 8 years ago or more. One of the bags is wider than the others, in case, some one has a wider bag need.
Each of these bags, has a small gusset at the base of each bag, to give the bag a bit more internal space. It's nice to know these charity sewing items, by the Rhode sewing group, could make a small contribution for someone's quality of life.


Sharon said...

They look great and I can imagine what the others produced.

Need to get my act together and make up my contribution.

velosewer said...

You've already done heaps in getting the council donation and setting up the charity sewing day.
From what I saw, there were lots of good ideas flowing and those who were there, were happy to be there sewing for others.


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