Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mini wardrobe maze

These are the new patterns I'm thinking of making with this red/white stash. Last weekend, while DH read the paper, I played with paper and altered Butterick 5333

Here are the questions that I'm still grappling with. "Mini Wardrobe Contest" March 16 to April 15, 2010 This is a contest to create a 4-piece wardrobe in 4 weeks on PR Review.

Do I do work/weekend clothes? I've got enough pieces that I'll need to plan well for. Black is definitely not going to be considered this time.
Do I make 4 new untested pieces? This depends on how brave I intend to be in a 4 week period. DH should take note. The patterns I've been using are now not that exciting but they suit my shape.
Do I make 4 pieces for the gym? This would be quick to complete, but I'll have to get the fabric really fast. That can be a tough call in any large city so mail order is out of the question.
Would any of these options be voted as popular? My strength is being productive. My weakness is on creativeness and interesting design.
Can I do four dresses that look distinct from each other? Maybe. I can do four quick knit fabric dresses but the challenge is making plain fabric look interesting.

The basic red fabric might work with the Vogue skirt. The white print could be a sleeveless top, The red print with white roses is a silk that could work as a dress or a slim line skirt. The white cotton would be a second top. The knit dress is just one that I could work on in a dark wine knit to keep my motivation going.


Anonymous said...

Are you really in the contest to win? My motivation is to have some clothes that go together and fit (oh & have some fun)! I don't expect to win. But then there's always the random winner, right?

Sharon said...

Great colours.

As most of my patterns are new I'm not sure how far I will get but like Alison I need clothes that fit.

velosewer said...

My real motivation is to get some colour into my wardrobe - not winning. I'd also like to avoid having a boring wardrobe, so may I should just get on with it.

velosewer said...
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