Monday, 15 March 2010

Swap 2010

As you can see, I think my dark side swap is done.

As you can see, I kind of went all over the place. I've covered option 1. I've matched at least one print on these skirts and tops. I've used embroidered fabric from my stash and included some embroidery on the sleeves of my black wrap top (far right). This top also has a trim that I've used as the button enclosure.

The additional belt is used on the spot top. My aim was to get some work clothes that would be comfortable. I've worn most of these to work now.

The two garments above were ones that I made at the beginning of this SWAP but forgot about.

Technical stuff (or the changes I always make):

  • Sway back adjustment (2.5 cm)
  • roll shoulder adjustment (2 cm)
  • full bust adjustment (C)
  • full derrier adjustment (up to 3cm)
  • neckline gaposis (2cm)
  • armhole gaposis for sleeveless garments (2cm)
  • lowered waistline (2 cm)

Types of garments I wear to work:

  • a line skirt
  • knot tops
  • wrap tops
  • cross over tops
  • open neck polo tops
  • fitted dresses

I have one more item to make - something with an interesting closure - for closure on this SWAP. I'm so over black....


Sharon said...

You have been productive and have some great pieces. The black t-shirt does make your pattern skirt.

I think you have missed one of the criteria, interesing closure. This is the one that stumped me.

velosewer said...

The interesting closure is the trim to hold the button on the black wrap top. It's too hard to see in black, so I suppose it's not that interesting :(

Sharon said...

Interesting was a differnt way of doing a closure and this sure sounds like you have.

I just can't see it, you may have to lighten the picture for it to show and zoom in on it.

RuthieK said...

Well done on being the first to finish! Looks good and shows the clothes are right for you if you are wearing them anyway.


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