Saturday, 31 July 2010

Chanel No1 is done.

This little number is done. Yeah.
I avoid hand stitching but I couldn't avoid it because of the braid and chunkiness of the fabric. I broke a record 5 sewing machine needles making this jacket. I have a couple of reddish skirts that I can wear with this but it's even better with dark ink jeans.
While I was testing the braid placement, I took a few pictures to see whether it was too much, or not enough. You can also see that it took some unpicking to get the neckline right. It also took come unpicking to get the front hems to match at the zipper base. This was where I broke machine needle number 5. The neckline corners also took some unpicking and remachining to get the neckline corners right too.
I love the heavy red lining. Just love it. This is truly a remant fabric jacket. The braid and zipper are new.
As soon as I make a top, I'll add some real life pictures.


Sharon said...

Wow love it and the two trims just make it pop. Please share any tips for the braid sewing as this is next for me, once I get the seams sewn LOL.

Gail said...

Seeing your pictures made me pull mine off the back burner and race to the finish line. Still going though. Nice braids- the hand stitching will be worthwhile.

velosewer said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your jacket Gail. The hand stitching is a killer. Each thread was waxed. I need to find a decent thimble.


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