Sunday, 12 September 2010

Jacket 4 - finished while waiting in emergency

A funny thing happened to me on the way to the hospital... That's how some classic jokes start.
In my case a funny thing happened on the way home from Canley Vale yesterday. While I was thread and zipper shopping with my two sewing buddies, DH took himself to the optometrist because his eye had been irritating him last week. That's a good thing because the last time he was sick, I have to make to appointment and force him to go see a doctor.
Anyway, the advice he got was to go emergency to get the back of his eye checked.
I was given a lift to meet DH by my generous sewing buddy and DH and I headed off to the local hospital where we weren't given the right information so today we ended up at the eye hospital emergency room after a late breakfast.
As most emergency areas can take hours for non-emergency patients, I decided to use the time to finish the hand sewing on jacket 4. I waxed up a stack of threads and packed the shoulder pads, buttons, scissors, tape measure and extra needles. Although I could have borrowed a needle from the doctor - not.
Once I got home I rechecked the hem, made an adjustment and then machine sewed the buttonholes and now the jacket is finished.

DH got some eye cream and he will go back to the eye hospital on Wednesday to check on how his eye is healing. That was the most important part of today's event.


Sheila said...

Your jacket is gorgeous and hope your DH is feeling better.

velosewer said...

Hi Sheila. He's now improving. Thanks for your thoughts.

Sharon said...

Love to see you are so organised and pity you had to go to the hospital twice. Glad DH is improving.


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