Monday, 6 September 2010

Jacket pieces - vogue 7764

The current jacket has a few more details than I've attempted in the past. This will be the last warm jacket for the year because the weather is getting a bit warmer although I think it's fake warmth. This jacket is Vogue 7764. The pattern is unlined and I've made it up twice before with snaps.

This time around,
- I've lined the jacket,
- placed zippers in the sleeves
- added pink detail to the collar edge and shoulder tabs
- added pink braid detail on the sleeve cuffs

The whole jacket is interfaced because the fabric is soft. I still need to add in the shoulder pads so the sleeves don't sag.

The fabric has cream and brown in the weave so I've used pink detailing to lift it a bit. The buttons are 4mms but they are shiny.

I like the structure of the jacket and the colour tones down the military look, I think.

This jacket will have buttons and light pink buttons, but for now, it's being put aside.

I need to make up a couple of white tops for a fabric colouring class I'm doing a convention in two weeks time. I bought a piece of cream knit fabric ($1/m) and white knit fabric ($1/m). How the colour will take is another issue. I have a feeling these may not work, so I may end up with tops that will be excellent 'distress' couture.

My plan is to make up Kwik Sew 2694, a v-neck cross over top; Kwik Sew 3378, a twist front top; and Kwik Sew 3617, a neat gathered v-neck top.

My convention sewing plan is focusing on pieces that I can finish and add to my wardrobe. Ink and navy are the colours that I'll be focusing on. This is my first sewing convention and I've been advised that most people never finish their convention projects.

That's the plan. 


Sharon said...

You are adding some great details to this jacket.

Gail said...

It is looking good. You obviously adjusted the fit without adding the button panel.

velosewer said...

I avoided the button panel by slivering room out of the sides and center back fold.

Anonymous said...

I like the pink detail! LOLing about finishing stuff from the Convention. I hadn't realised that you are a Convention virgin!


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