Thursday, 3 March 2011

Portland fabric shopping

Here's where we've shopped so far:
Fabric Depot - first stop on Sunday. This was a great experience courtesy of Janis.
Mill End - second stop on Sunday. Another huge fabric retailer. I never knew there were so many flannel options.
Now the list gets blurry.
JoAnnes - This was a smaller store but handy to keep in mind.
Michaels - A Spotlight kinda store. This had lots of every craft.
Rose City Textiles - Tuesday. The customer service was fabulous. There were lots of goretex, fleece, wickeaway etc fabric and notions. And they have all sorts of notions.
Bolt - This was closed so we may try to get there today, on our way out to Seattle.

I've kept to my non-list of green, blues and burgundy fabrics.
Hopefully we'll get to as many retailers at expo tomorrow, to find the notions that we've never heard of or only dreamed of.

Janis was really generous with her time.


Rose said...

Wow! I 'm glad that you are having fun!

Rose in SV

MushyWear said...

Was Annette and her dog Trixie at Rose City Textiles? She was always so sweet to me even with 3 babies in tow! Keep having fun!


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