Monday, 1 August 2011

Mixed bag - B5087

I have a stash of 'leftovers' and I wanted to try a jacket pattern that I could use a mix of fabrics and textures. Since making a few red pieces I wanted to make a a quick jacket to see me through our 7degreeC mornings. Below is my 'what do you think look?"
The sweater knit fabric is an oldie from the archives of Knitwit at the bottom of my stash. I bought it prior to getting married so we're looking at the 90's. The collar knit was probably 2002 when Roberta was teaching.

The prep time on this was trying to think of whether this would work. Mixing up the fabrics; what would contrast and not clash; do I line this or don't I line this jacket; make a belt or buy a belt? You know what it's like.

I bought this pattern because of the sleeve options, it's unlined so if you want a quick jacket this is good, it's kind of double breasted without the stark buttons (snaps).

What I was trying to avoid was looking like 'home made'. The princess seams help with fit. I can make this jacket more military if I want. Most importantly the collar is worth it to keep you warm. It's a huge collar but it rolls really well.

What I did realise was that it's just the right length. I'm short so if you're more than 5' nothing, add some length to this jacket.

The inside pictures below make the fabric look raspberry, but it's a dark ruby colour. The lining is sunsilky and the lining definitely needs extra width. Actually the sleeves more width for a winter jacket.

The trim is something I added to pull together the texture features of jacket.

So after lots of preparation (my thinking time) this jacket came together in four hours max. I will make this again and I'll add more width to the lining and more width to the sleeves.


Audrey said...

You used a lovely mix of fabrics on this jacket. It is so pretty and looks soft and warm. The use of the knitted fabric for the jacket, when it looks like the pattern is made up in woven wool, is so clever.

Sheila said...

Loveley jacket and fits you perfectly. For some reason I think I have the pattern... need to check. Also thanks for the review especially lenghtening the jacket and extra width for the lining


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