Thursday, 15 March 2012

Burda 7746 - workwear

Burda has edgier styles than BMV patterns; I like these pockets on this style; and I need work pants that fit well at the back. This pair will be part of my one pattern, one week challenge. I love the style and I have a couple of fabrics in my stash that will be great for work and on the weekend, so I'm hoping none of these will be wardrobe orphans and one pair may be vintage looking. You never know.

Last year I tested a range of pants to get my skills up and have pants that worked. The back was the usally my challenge so now I want to take my skills up another level - whatever that means. When I did my research on PR I found that Mushywear had done a great looking pair so I must be on the right track. She has such great style.

I've used a linen woven and the pocket lining has a similar light weight poly fabric in a similar colour. The initial adjustments were:
- Increasing back leg width by 2 cm and tapered from top to 6 cm
- Increased back crotch by 2cm.

The blue pen shows the back leg width extension. The pencil shows the extended back crotch curve.
On the weekend Angie checked the fit and I resewed the side seams out by 1/2cm.
This adjustment is now on the pattern and I'm really pleased with these so I'll definitely make these again. I love the square long line pocket style. By the way, the front waistband met this time 'round.
A closer look at the long angular pocket style. The pocket line will lie flatter with twill tape or interfacing.
I have some work jackets that need matching pants so I'll use this again. When I do this in winter weight fabric, I'll increase the size so that I can adjustment them for the heavier fabric weight.
Here's a Burda skinny jeans version to try.


Bella said...

They look great! I'm so impressed with your expert pattern alterations...hope to learn how soon.

elleR said...

Tell me again how you get this much done so quickly???? They look great - well done!

Sharon said...

Great looking pants and love the pocket detail.

Funny, I was only looking at my wardrobe this morning thinking about the one patter, one week and I'm going to participate with V8572 my go to blouse.

velosewer said...

Hi Luisa,
I'm feeling it now.
Hi Sharon. Wendy was working on a different burda pair with great detailing too.
That'll be great if you participate in OPOW too.

Dilliander said...

What a great pocket, these are a fabulous fit and a stylish looking pair of pants - definite potential for a TNT pattern in the future :)

Carolyn said...

Those trousers look great! I hope you enjoy the Pattern Magic books, and thank you so much for your congratulations!

MushyWear said...

Great job! Your fit is spot on! I love the square pockets too, and this has been a good pattern for shorts as well.

velosewer said...

Hi Mushy.
Thank you for putting the idea of making shorts version with this pattern. Now to check my fabric stash...

Joy said...

Great fit! How satisfying to know you can get a great fitting pair of pants.

kate lewis said...

This is really an awesome fashion sense,I must say.
Badger 4107


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