Saturday, 26 May 2012

iPad cover workshop

Today I spent 2 hours at a Powerhouse Museum Craft Punk workshop dealing with leather and felt. More classes are on Sunday. Thank you Deborah for the invitation and thank you Sylvia Guerra, our leather tutor. Sylvia teaches on Saturdays at Birdsalls Leather and Crafts and is definitely a leather expert and she mentioned leather bag making. Mmm. Something to consider another time. She's also a Leatherworkers Guild member.
Below are the raw leather and felt materials. We were give a sample of leather to experiement with. That's when I hit my thumb with a mallet. That only happened once.
The leather markings were my design and rather than stamp my name on it, I did some borders. I chose a green dye with an antique finish. The green below is the base colour.
The leather below is the green with the antique glaze. 
Brett Wieberg from Tandy Leather Factory was a participant and helped me with the tag. 
MMM12 Day 26:
Top: Jalie Criss-cross top toile.
Jeans: Jalie jeans 2908 in the nothing colour.
Jacket: Vogue Sandra Betzina 7610 in a stretch woven corduroy from Knitwit a long time ago. You'll see the toile and two versions that I blogged a 3 years ago.


Dilliander said...

Sounds like you had fun Maria!

Sharon said...

Ouch and your iPad cover is lovely, sounds like a very interesting day.

Janine said...

It does sound like you had fun. Would have been interesting doing your classes in the zero gravity room at the museum!
Your nothing coloured jeans look like they would match with everything.

velosewer said...

The zero gravity room would have been perfect to avoid hitting my thumb with a mallett Janine.

No Regrets, Inc. said...

Great; very cool. Here's my not as cool quilted tablet cozy:

Did you like working w/ leather? Felt? Do you think you'll do more? What will you make?

I like your top!

velosewer said...

Thanks for asking Bella.
I'm trying to get a bit of working knowledge to make clothing using leather. My style isn't traditional country leather style but have now seen the work that goes into the leather work you see at the markets.
I have some textured fabric for a jacket and leather pieces again for a jacket or to line a jacket or skirt.


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