Monday, 2 July 2012

Jacket test - Kwik Sew 3716

Here's a road test of this unlined jacket for Mum. This is a semi-fitted jacket with pockets in the front seams. The collar is built into the front piece and there are side pieces that join the front and back bodice pieces.

I've made the shorter View B length with the pocket features of View A. The pockets are placed so they don't hang passed the jacket hem.
I've used a similar stretch woven fabric to the intended fabric and with the feedback from Kathy on PR, I've closed the neckline dart and the collar sewed in easily.
I've sewn 5 parallel rows of topstitching on the collar edge because Mum's RTW jacket, this is replacing, has the same feature. Mum has worn her RTW jacket a lot and really needs replacing. The RTW jacket has a patch pocket.
Below is a closer view of the collar detailing.
I've added some reinforcing bar tacks to the pocket opening for durability.
This fabric is washable but I know I'll be dry cleaning it for her.
I prefer a lined jacket and Mum commented that the jacket felt cold ie, the jacket needs lining, so that's my next step.
To do list: 
- shorten the sleeve length
- adjust the right shoulder
- add shoulder pads
- add lining. I've already traced out a front bodice lining piece. I now need trace the back bodice lining piece, using the existing facing piece.

Then I can get the real formal jacket started - and finished.

Also on my food blog I've added 4 of Mum's recipes that you might enjoy. I'll keep adding her recipes up as I road test them. Yesterday I road tested the lemon slice - which is wonderful to enjoy in summer.


No Regrets, Inc. said...

Looking good; it's a great "slimming" jacket. I esp like the built-in pockets!

Janine said...

My mother has this pattern too - she was going to use stretch fabric to sew this so it will be interesting to see how this goes. Very nice to sew for your mum too !
Thanks for the link to your food blog. I love greek food - I would like to buy a greek food cookbook - but had not found anything suitable yet. We have the Womens weekly middle eastern cookbook which we love and have made many recipes but I was disappointed in their greek version so we will keep looking.

velosewer said...

Hi Janine.
So far, the jacket is working out. I'll have the lining added this week and then I'll get into the proper jacket.

If there are any dishes you want a recipe for, let me know. I've got stacks of recipes from the family that I'm slowly ploughing through.

Sharon said...

The jacket for your mum is looking very good and I am interested in how the lining works out.

velosewer said...

I'll post up the lining pieces later this week.

Carolyn said...

Your mother's jacket is looking great. You are so sweet to sew something lovely for your mum!

No Regrets, Inc. said...

Oh, and I forgot to say how brave you are making something for someone else! No way; I can screw up for myself well enough!!

Giggles said...

I do love seeing the things you make for your mum. I find it really heart warming and nice :-)

MushyWear said...

Looks like everything is going along nicely on the jacket. It's so sweet of you to sew clothes for your mum.

mohsin khan said...
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