Thursday, 20 September 2012

Missoni like - V8724

At the hen's night I was waiting in line at the ladies, there was a girl wearing a missoni knit dress. I complimented her on it and she was floored and appreciated the compliment. So I've used this pattern with the Missoni like fabric to come up with this simple knit dress. I bought this fabric at The Remnant Warehouse.

Simple is misleading. The toile top that I cut out in January and only finished it this week as a post-gold dress project was how I refined the fit of this dress.

This green version shows the design lines better. The reason I've also made this version is to show the princess lines on the back. This is a cool feature for those of us with a sway back. This green knit was again from the $20 garbage bag of remnants from Pitt Trading.

My adjustments were:
1/ Lowered the bodice piece by 2.5 cm so that it sits under my bust. I've followed this adjustment through to the back pieces so the waist detailing follows from front to back.
2/ Roll shoulder adjustment. So the back shoulder seam is 2 cm higher at the sleeve seam. The front shoulder seam is 2cm lower at the sleeve seam.
3/ Shortened the hem to above the knee.
4/ Pinched out 2 cm from the front neckline so that the neckline doesn't gape open.
I've used all 3 machines on the Missoni version. The sewing machine for the darts, bodice to skirt seam and side seams. The overlocker was used for the back seams. The coverpro was used for the neckline, dress and sleeve hems.

Now that I've finished this UFO, I can concentrate on gearing up to make a formal trench and the gold coat with some trench detailing. I suspect that some of you are in the midst of developing a coat because we have a few sew-alongs happening. More about this next post.
Many thanks to two bloggers I follow. Firstly to Rhonda Buss on Rhonda's Creative Life  for featuring my sewing on her blog this week. My little Macaron was also featured in a Macaron parade on Rhinestones and telephones by Sarah Gilbert. There are a lot of great Macarons out there. Have a look at the Flickr group. I love sewing amongst so many wonderful sewer across the world.
Thank you to all of you who commented on my gold dress. I appreciate the time you've taken to have a look and comment. I did think about glueing and zigzagging the lace on at one stage. I really did:)

Friday, 14 September 2012

Just one more - Butterick 6582

I just wanted to make this dress up because I had the fabric; the lace remnant; and the test dress worked. What I was curious about was how this dress would work in a medium weight fabric instead of georgette print.
I found that as tedious as hand sewing can be I loved spending the time handsewing the lace onto the dress. This took 5 hours to do but there was no deadline to meet and I had no other commitments ie, the housework for the weekend was finished. I even managed to do some weeding and watered the garden. It looks like we'll need some rain this summer.
The fabric was a steal at Pitt Trading and the lace was a remnant from the ASG industry in June. I think this colour works without a tan too although Spring is in the air - in Queensland and not in Sydney today.
I don't have an occassion to wear this dress but as the handwork was going to take time I wanted to have this in the wardrobe ready to wear for a special event than do a late night rush job when an occasion does pop up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

As Sylvia gave me what was left on the roll, I have enough of this gold fabric to make a formal trench coat...

Thank you all for your lovely comments about the outfits I've been making too.

Friday, 7 September 2012

Successful dressmaking

This year I started working with vintage patterns. So why not buy a old sewing book and see if we're doing anything different than previous sewers?
This book doesn't have an ISSN number but is registered with the Adelaide Post Office and there's no date. I bought this on ebay in May and it comes up from time to time so I'm guessing it was a high school text book. The school I went to was a home economics girls school so it's no wonder I've stayed with sewing. Most of the girls in my year pursued other things :)
If you don't want to spend a lot on patterns, this book goes through the basics to make your own pattern blocks.
Fit was and still is an issue for dressmakers.
The photos are classic black and whites but they are do explain dressmaking techniques well.
At the moment I'm working on piping and this book has got that covered.
Recyling and mending was also something dressmakers did.
Recycling is now a trend as well for eco-friendly sewers.

Coletterie also reviewed a classic like this, and this prompted me to review this book, before it slipped my mind :)

Monday, 3 September 2012

What a difference a hem makes

At Rhodes ASG, Sharon kindly pinned the hem on two of my dresses. They went from matronly to woo hoo in 4" or 10cm so I raised the hems of the tulip and bias dresses. Funnily enough, when they are on a hanger on the door handle, the hems just touch carpet, so maybe that's my measure in future. Now they're not cougar length just woo hoo length. Alison, you were right about the length.

On another front, a friend who gets out more than I do when nuts over my pleather jacket. When I mentioned how this was a practice jacket for a future leather jacket I could see leather jacket stars in his eyes. It was such a scream because he checked out my jacket and kept caressing it. I thought I'd share that with you. Ok, so this was the end of a heavy eating/drinking session but I couldn't stop laughing with him.
Proud Grandmother and father of the groom
Do you remember this outfit?
It was a chilly Spring day so I wore the coat I made for special occasions. And this wedding counted as a special occasion. Mum looked good. Her clothes were comfortable and she looked great from day and into the evening. We were really proud of the happy couple (it was their wedding) and our Mum.
BTW I wore Vogue 8280. The next family wedding is August next year and we both have our next wedding outfits made. I'm never that organised:) but I have committed to making my youngest niece a coat for her next year so she stays warm as flower girl.

TJ, I'm making up the gold dress this week.


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