Sunday, 21 October 2012

Tiger socks and giveaway winner

Would you believe my littlest niece and nephew coloured these sock? They were over for lunch and in the afternoon they remembered that I'd promised them we would colour socks 'one day'. So Sunday was the day and these are their new tiger-striped socks.

Their Dad was impressed with how much they enjoyed what they were doing and were quietly working on getting the colours right. Now I've ironed the colours in but I'll let their Mum know the colour will run if they aren't washed in salted water. She's an artistic person so she'll be cool with that.

Our water bottles for cycling were used to gather the socks so the kids could colour them to their hearts content. The paint stains will remind me of the fun they had.

Before I see them again I'll get some t-shirts and marbles so we can do flowers or circle colours. I never thought they would care to colour fabric but it may have been the novelty and their boredom that motivated them to get involved.

Pattern Pyramid winner
If you've been following Pretty Grievances blog, you'll know she's been at vacationing in the promised land - Downtown Disney. She started this particular Pattern Pyramid pack.

In her honour I used the Disney hat I bought last year to pick the lucky winner of this Pattern Pyramid.

If you haven't read her blog, go and enjoy reading her Me Made Mickey posts.

The post I enjoyed the most, and I enjoy each post, is Me Made Mickey Day 3. Adults should be allowed to have fun dressing up at Disney during Halloween. The little ones do this every day at Disney.

And the Pattern Pyramid winner is...

the material lady

Yes Kim, the Pattern Pyramid parcel is ready to head to the UK next!

All going well, customs will let this jet-setting pack of patterns through to you in a jiffy. So this parcel started in the States, has been Down Under and will head off to Brittania sometime this week. Send me an email and I'll get this through the post as soon as possible.

Trench M5525
This weekend I tackled bound buttonholes (a learning experience) so I'll post up some of the tricky stages in between other sewing projects, so you don't get trench coat bored.


Anonymous said...

Yippee - I get the pattern pyramid!
Thanks so much - I have sent an e-mail with my address.
I am looking forward to seeing what arrives - and keeping it going of course.

prttynpnk said...

Ok,I must admit the first thing that caught my eye were the hidden Mickeys on your hat! How wonderfully appropriate!

velosewer said...

Hi Kim. You'll enjoy these patterns as inspiration.
And prttynpnk, the Mickey's were in your honour.

BeaJay said...

Those socks ROCK!! What a cool Aunt you are. I must say that I am intrigued by dying (fabric that is). I did some tie dying in the 70's as I guess we all did.... but don't remember how or what happened to the outcomes.

I happened across this blog which peaked my interest again as it looked like fun.

But I have decided to conquer one skill at a time - and sewing it is for me.

Sharon said...

Ah they finally remembered and what great socks they have craeted!

Carolyn said...

Those socks are pretty awesome :) What a fun and clever idea!

tigergirl said...

Love the socks. I've got 8 nieces and nephews, the last time 4 of them were here, I taught the two boys (both in primary school) to use the sewing machine and overlocker and they each made themself a denim pencil case. They're probably more experienced than their mother now.

velosewer said...

Tigergirl, That's really clever.
I'll do the same with my 2 littlest ones. I think the littlest nephew would be interested to make a pencil case it a case for his dear itouch:)


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