Monday, 19 November 2012

Not a bag lady

I had all good intentions of making a bag this year. I only made a hacker job doggie bag for the littlest niece.

You see I had really good intentions as I attended a zipper workshop in October and I learnt lots this year about sewing leather through the Leather workers guild association and at the Powerhouse Musuem and I even bought bag patterns and bag notions. On the weekend I joined the free Craftsy bag class. There's also my Zipperstop haul of zips that I bought last year that I can use for bags.

Each bag pattern, as lovely as they are, have become UFOs.

1: Spice of life bag
I have the pattern and have cut out leather pieces and snakeskin look lining. I even have the handbag frames that I bought from Ghees' online store. The yellow clips are holding the leather pieces together and now that I've actually sewn leather, this could be next on my sewing table. That was my intention.
The belt in the background was from a bag I had but gave away. As a sewing hoarder, I found the belt in the back of a wardrobe.

I also have the Moonshine Bella bag pattern too.

2: Computer satchel
There's the green denim leftover from my green jeans just waiting for the McCalls to be cut out and fused. There's unbleached bag tape and green pre-made binding to add. The bag feet were bought online from Ghee's. I even intended to use matching binding and lining.

3: Large satchel
This bag uses green leftover drill fabric from my skinny leg jeans. The lining zipper pocket is done as is the outside covered zipper pocket. I sewed in these 2 zippers at a workshop but I haven't wanted to revisit this piece of work while working on the trench coat.

4: Accessory pattern
Another gunna project. There are plenty of zippers from and fabric in the stash to get a bunch of these bags made. That was my intention.
Maybe next year.

I think the trenches took it out of me, although I do love making clothes that fit well and bags - I just don't know.

I'm still pondering a SWAP collection of gymwear to street wear and I'd love to do Marina's pencil skirt sewalong. My fear is the SWAP collection will also become more UFOs.

But I think it's back to sewing a knit dress for SIL either McCalls 5752 or McCalls 5974.
She has a holiday booked (a looming self imposed deadline) so I'd like to give her a dress for travellingl. I think McCalls 5752 might be first cab off the rank, with a possible waist tie, a v-neckline and no back zipper 'cause it's a knit fabric.


Carolyn said...

I admire people who make their own bags, but its not for me either. I allow myself to buy bags, and that's OK since I make everything else :)
Do you think you will finish them?

Jo Ashcroft said...

I like making my own bags especially when i am feeling 'a little bit bigger' so I don't fancy making clothes. That said they tend to be quite simple ones!

velosewer said...

Hi Carolyn,
I will finish the bags because 'I try to finish what I start' - if you know what I mean.
I think I'll use my zipper and leather workshops effort to practice the techniques I learn.

Cherrypix said...

So comforting to see your UFO's! Mine hang on the back of the spare room door....and I really only see them when I get the red bag also hanging there for the ASG meeting...the dress is lovely! Great for travel! Also love the eyes on the doggy bag.

Giggles said...

hmmm, wouldn't it be nice to make myself a bag ... maybe after Christmas.

it is very comforting to read about your UFOs when mine are looking at me accusingly (I swear they can talk, because whenever I look in their direction I hear them saying things like 'so you have time to read blogs, but no time to finish me off hey?')

well, back to work ... :-)

prttynpnk said...

I know I am shallow- even if I get to carry it and be complimented on it, I just can't get behind sewing things I can't wear myself. I have lots of bag patterns too!

Kyle said...

I like how all your items are gathered together to make the bags! I bought all the "ingredients" to make the Diana Rupp sashiko top all in a ziploc bag waiting to go..never started. :)

There's always next year ! (which is when I'm planning on buying my second sewing machine! :) )

Janine said...

I made my first bag this year ( apart from a couple of totes ) and it was lots of fun and great for destashing lots of bits and bobs I had collected. How is the Holiday Hawaii project going ? Making any progess with that UFO?

velosewer said...

It makes me feel less stressed knowing that I'm not the only bag lady or hoarder of UFOs.
Hi Anne. The littlest niece thought the dog eyes were funny - in a good way.

Kyle, Get a reliable used sewing machine if you splash out on another machine. Mine are all Janomes because I have all the sewing feet.

Janine, At the moment, we've booked our Christmas local cycling break so we can do Hawaii next year. It's baby steps for us with holiday planning.

MushyWear said...

When all your bags are made up, won't it be so nice to use them all? You have a nice variety of styles to meet so many needs. Good luck finishing them. I look forward to seeing them too.

velosewer said...

Now you can see why I Christmas shopped at your etsy store last year. Everyone loved your bags:))


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