Sunday, 17 February 2013

Giveaway winner

The first week of February was busy with Deb's Sew Grateful week.
The giveaway patterns are now on their way by carrier pidgeon to jpluo. Congratulations.
What you can see above are the makings on the Enid shift dress. My attempt at making the pattern from scratch is in the background and I used the seam allowance guide to cut out the lining and the lace overlay.
This is dress is the basis for my second fearless project this month.

Thank you Melinda for the iphone suggestion on Melissa's blog. I saw some 'wetsuit' fabric recently so I'll give this armband a go. Melissa has lots of projects that she's worked out and shared on her blog.


Anonymous said...

You're making a lace dress! This is super exciting! I have been contemplating sewing with lace so this will be enlightening. Also self-drafted=awesome. My progress in the area has been pretty unexciting at the moment so this should give me inspiration I need to get off my @$$ XD

Giggles said...

I do enjoy seeing all the beautiful things you create, so I am quite excited for the self drafted lace dress :-)

Melinda said...

Glad you liked the link. I made mine using plain lycra, and a version in a dance lycra. I think you could make it in any type of stretchy fabric really.

By the way, what happened to being able to leave comments with a name and url? We can only use either a google account or open id now, neither of which I can link to my website!


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