Sunday, 10 February 2013

Next up

Draping and drafting a pattern from scratch - that's what I'll decided to do for Fearless February. Although I'll be starting next week on 2 of my fearless projects. I have a few project deadlines to get through this week.
My comment is there on Victoria's blog in black and white. As Dr Phil says "What were you thinking?"
1: Drafting:
So I have lace pieces in the fabric stash that I'd like to work on and TJ from The Perfect Nose enabled me last month with this perfect starting point - Enid Gilchrist!
I could try the easy route and make this 'beach dress' in soft, cool eyelet fabric for our humid summer weather.
However, being Fearless February, I'll make the day dress and use eyelet or lace fabric. I have had one attempt at drafting this dress for a 36" bust today. Fearless. Test dress is ready to cut out.

2: Showerproof Minoru #2
I made Minoru #2 because I've never used PUL fabric so this was a new experience. I was being fearless.  I used Tasia's tutorials to make  this version better than Minoru #1. I wear Minoru #1 a lot. And this piece was finished early Feb to coincide with Deb's Sew Grateful week. Thank you for your comments throughout Sew Grateful week.

3: Draping and lace
And Victoria has been waving draping resources at us over the last few months so I'll have to do some reading and give draping a go later in Feb. I have Draping for apparel design by Helen Joseph-Armstrong on my desk.
Maybe I can use a Jungle remnants again. Thanks again for the lovely comments about the jungle prints I made last month. I have to focus on lace because not sewing with Jungle prints is going to be a hard habit to break.

Have you seen the inaugural Annie Awards yet? A true spotted carpet event.
However I did discover winter jungle my stash.



BeaJay said...

They all sound great. Looking forward to seeing them done (especially the jacket)

Sharon said...

Some amazing challenges for this month and look forward to seeing the results.

Carol said...

Looking forward to seeing how you go with the Enid Glichrist. I've had mixed success with them.

Anonymous said...

Whee you're using the Enid! You could just draft it for the size give and then use Sunni's tutorial to grade it to your size. I'll be grading something this month too-can't wait to see your next jacket!

Anonymous said...

*given. Sorry X)

tigergirl said...

I've got a few Enid Gilchrist mags but not that one. I love the day dress, you should definately make it! (I've yet to use one of Enid's patterns)

Lynneb said...

I just adore that little night dress/beach dress pattern!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

Hi, I've just found your blog via Victoria's tenthousandsewinghours/Fearless February project. I've joined too. I'm intrigued to see how your project goes- I remember Enid Gilchrist patterns from teenage years - they were all you could get. Where did you get them?


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