Friday, 8 February 2013

Sew Grateful - Minoru #2

This post is for Deb's Sew Grateful week projects made using others tutorials or posts. Most of this Minoru was sewn following Tasia's tutes and using PUL fabric. This version was my first experience using showerproof fabric. The listing of finished Minorus are on this post from over 60 sewers.
Here's a link to my first Minoru (below). This version continues to be a well worn and much-loved  jacket.

Last week I gathered my notions for a showerproof Minoru and got started. I bought the 2 zips I needed from MyHung Parramatta - $1 each. 
On the weekend our summer weather was cool and changeable so I spent the time to sew in 5 zippers before the main construction steps. The pattern only requires 2 zips.
- Two internal zippers on the inside pockets
- Two zippers on the outside welt pockets
- One long zipper on the collar to store the hood.
The 6th zip is the 70cm front zip. I sewed that in on Tuesday night using a zipper foot.
Using run-of-the-mill sticky tape is worthwhile when sewing PUL.
The Minoru doesn't have external pockets and the internal pockets are designed to have velcro closures. I added the external pockets because that's what I want in a casual jacket.
I'll have to work on inserting zippers into pockets a bit more. You can see I learnt very little from a zipper workshop I went to last year.
The lining is a polyester chiffon remnant for the body and a rayon remnant for the sleeves. That's all I had in my stash but the colours were the same. Both are remnants from Pitt Trading.
I got excited that these pockets worked.
I've used the rayon as bias binding feature around the internal pockets and along the inside of zipper placket. This is a finish I enjoy wearing.
I took this shot so you can see the fine, soft gathers.
 Sewing PUL:
  • This is the first time I've used PUL showerproof fabric - bought from Green Beans Aust
  • The fabric base is a knit structure but the showerproof side is like rubber. At least that's how it reacted to the iron XD
  • PUL is very easy to sew - just don't pull it to hard when you're sewing it.
  • When you sew with it, creases appear but don't be fooled by the fabric.
  • And lower the feed dogs on your machine 1 notch so you can control the fabric flowing through the machine.
  • You might think sewing PUL is overwhelming. It's doable.

Rain proofing:
For details on how to make your rainproof jacket more rainproof and profession, go to, Caroline of Little Package. She did this guest useful post during the Minoru Sewaholic Sewalong last year. Caroline really knows her stuff. she's smart, practical and adventurous.
And Carolyn of Handmade by Carolyn has also perfected rain proofing jackets.


Faye Lewis said...

You did a fantastic job on both jackets.

Carol said...

This is very impressive. I've never sewn with fabric like this but I've sewn with vinyl and learned a lot. Did you use a teflon or roller foot or does this work with a regular foot?

Sheila said...

Another awesome jacket.

Dilliander said...

Two Minoru coats, how good is that ;) Being waterproof this coat will be great in all the rain we've been having as well, especially as I know you love the outdoors!

Lori said...

Great job and nice addition of the extra zippers.

Renata said...

I'm impressed, AS USUAL.

Anonymous said...

Love your version! I have this pattern too and want to make it up. Haven't decided on the fabric but your tips will be helpful when I do forge on.

Anonymous said...

Heehee shower proof-I had a vision of you cycling home in it and then riding into the shower and turning it on XD It looks really cool-by happy coincindence the fabrics I bought for parka testing the day we were at DC turned out to be water resistant-I've already traced a knipmode pattern to make up-just need a day when it's cool to do the cutting and sewing. It's too hot to touch that sort of fabric at the moment!

House of Pinheiro said...

really cool jackets. I really need to get mine done

Judith said...

You should be crowned Queen of the Minoru!!! I am totally jealous of your beautiful coats...J

Debi said...

Really fantastic jackets and thanks for the links and tips on sewing with the weatherproof material!

RhondaBuss said...

You'll be the chicest lady in the rain! Everyone needs a fabulous rain jacket.

Dk's Wife said...

Oh, nice jackets. You look great in them.

Sharon said...

Perfect Minoru for the weather we have been having.

Lynneb said...

Great Jacket! It looks so nice on you! I've always been interested in that jacket pattern but never hit the "order" button!
I may have to reconsider!


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