Sunday, 31 March 2013

Purple pins - Vogue 1204

Purple Pins - could have been a sewing Marvel comic character. 
Sews like the speed of light.
Bounds fabric stashes like a gazel. 
Can pinpoint vintage patterns with the skills of Nancy Drew.
Scan the net for fashion forward trends.

But Purple Pins wouldn't sell to their target audience - teenage boys. 
$16 later this humble piece of cotton drill became skinny leg jeans. 
I know you've seen the red pair, the green pair, and the mustard legs (Purple Pins loyal and truty assistant).
Purple Pins saves the Easter Show

Purple Pins Vs Chips on a stick
Inside band and front detailing - not quiet a utility belt

Back pocket detailing
I decided to make these skinny jeans for Week 3 of Mixing it up March challenge at Sew Much Talent . Week 2 was the blouse. Week 1 UFO was the armband.

Week 1~ UFOs and WIPs
Week 2~ Tops and Blouses
Week 3~ Skirts and/or Pants
Week 4~ Try "never sewn before" pattern company

Trying to look mild-mannered

1. Weeks 2-4 must be new projects that you started at the onset of this challenge.
2. Please share picture of garment and pattern used with details. Wouldn't hurt to share how much fabric you used as well.
3. Must meet deadlines to qualify for the prize..
4. Each week starts on Sunday (12:01 am) and ends Saturday (12:00 am)
5. SEW,SEW,SEW and be as creative as you want to be!!

My week 4 challenge is to make something from a pattern company that you've never used before. I've chosen Terrific T from Safe - t - pockets.
I originally bought this pattern for Mum and I'll still make it for her, but I've never sewn their patterns before so I may as well give is a go, before I start on Mum's version, so I get used to these instructions. So far, the instructions are really logical and helpful.

The Flounce About Jacket is the other pattern I've bought for Mum. Did I say that I have a fabric stash for Mum too.
Mum loves pockets and this is what drew me to these patterns. And I love using indie patterns.

Happy Easter break


Sewingelle said...

Two fabric and two pattern stashes? You need superpowers. Actually looking at your productivity and creativity, I think you already have them!

BeaJay said...

Loving the purple pins. Great job (as usual). I can't say that I have heard of chips on a stick - I mustn't get out enough. All up a great outfit when teamed with your lovely spring shirt.

Lena Merrin said...

I need some quick and easy projects! Instead I seem to be stuck in big, time consuming ones!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

I agree with others re productivity - you must have a special dose of sewing steroids hidden somewhere! The purple pins are great - is it plain cotton or does it have elastane as well?

ista said...

I haven't looked at Saf-T-pockets range of patterns cos I have a strong dislike of pockets. Strong bordering on loathing for them.

Sharon said...

Great purple pins and love the description very apt.

No Regrets, Inc. said...

Those jeans looks great! And you look great in them; very flattering. I love the pocket details, too. Happy Easter!

MushyWear said...

Everyone needs a pair of purple pins! Great job on these jeans. What are chips on a stick? I am looking forward to seeing the Safe-t-Pockets pattern made up. I always like it when I have pockets to utilize, but I don't always enjoy making them.

Merche Martinez said...

Colorful slim trousers are so trendy and you look great in them! Love the photos!
I didn´t know about that pattern brand, go to have a look. I love pockets!

shams said...

Love your purple pants!

Kyle said...

Love your purple pins! Esp the bicycle contrast print--how cool is that???

Did you have the chips on a stick??

Cindy P said...

Love the contrasting fabric in the waistband. Nice job on the pants. Look forward to reading about the Safety Pockets pattern as I have that and haven't tried it yet.

Sew2pro said...

They look great, well done you! My friend's teenage daughter tells me that nobody who is anybody wears jeans anymore unless they're colour so that' me told. Wish I could find/make a pattern that suits: it's so hard.

Ruth said...

You made (inspired) me to make this pattern - but really yours are so much better. The jeans look great, as do you!

Megan meggipeg said...

I love these and they are fab on you. I love it when you can brag about how little it cost to make yourself something awesome instead of buying it for a fortune :)

Zoe said...

Those purple trousers are killer! (And not in a super-hero kind of way!) xx


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