Tuesday, 21 May 2013


Cinnamon Cream Oyster cakes

Tosca cake
I thought you might like the Me Made desserts first. I love to bake for special occasions and the recipes are on my food blog.

Here's my church outfit for a cool Sunday morning on Day 19.
Shirt - Butterick shirt with Pattern Magic double collar
Reversable jacket - Made in 2011

By the afternoon, I took the little ones to the park to kick around a ball. Thanks Amy for taking this pic.
Skinny jeans - Vogue 1204 This wool blend fabric is perfect for cooler weather.

Here's Mum in a Me-Made fleece fully lined Burda 7749 coat and Me-made lined self-drafted skirt, off to church. I think I should make another jacket for Mum this season. 
Then Day 20 at work I rugged up for work and Jeanne took this shot.
Top - Jalie 2921 scarf top
Navy wrap - Simplicity 2603 wrap
Jacket - McCalls 6292 snakeskin trimmed jacket
Trousers - Burda 7746 lined trousers
Day 21 is an after work pic. I made this wool skirt many years ago with a double-breasted jacket and a short skirt too. The fabric was given to me by an aunt from overseas so it took me some time to cut into it and I will always keep it as a memory of her and that visit.
Sandwich bolero from 2011. This is a good travel piece.
Top - Kwik Sew 3740
Skirt -  never blogged. That's how long ago I made it.


Dk's Wife said...

You look very well put together all the time! And the desserts look great.

Lori said...

You always look great and what a wonderful array of garments for MMM

BeaJay said...

Some great looks there! AND you cook too!!! Off to check out your cooking blog.

Mary said...

The cream filled oyster doodads look wonderful and all your outfits do too. Your mom is adorable-she is very petite, yes?

Sharon said...

Oh those oysters looks amazing and how did the Tosca cake taste? Your wardrobe for the week is another winner, and your Mum looks good in her skirt and jacket.

velosewer said...

That Tosca cake is very tasty and has great texture.
I have to make another winter coat for mum so she has 'options' like everyone else.


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