Sunday, 28 July 2013

Copy Cat Challenge 2

Erin (I heart fabric) and Ping (Peneloping) are running Copy Cat Challenge 2. The prize pool is worth it for any sewer.
I took Megan's (Meggipeg) suggestion for my ribbon skirts (using Sew Chic Fifth Avenue Skirt pattern as a basis) and entered this fun challenge and I'm still working on my study assessments.
I'm the one in the middle and on the right:)
To be honest, I'm just having a cuppa at the moment to calm down and then get back into the books.

If you're sewing something RTW influenced to suit your life and body type, why not get involved and showcase your skills?


Gail said...

Hi Maria. This one is not for me. I sew because I don't want to be a copycat. Inevitably we'll make someone that imitates something inspired by others, but I don't want to set out to copy. Good luck with studies. Gail

Anonymous said...

I've needed a good reason to make a skirt inspired by a Shabby Apple outfit... I think this might be it!!

velosewer said...

Hi Gail.
You're experienced enough to know that not every challenge is for everyone.

I don't buy RTW because when I used to work in town, I'd always see someone where the same outfit that I was wearing. They always looked better too.
The same happened at some weddings too.
Now I make sure I don't wear the same fabrics some local sewers buy when we meet up.

BeaJay said...

Good luck with the contest. Love both those skirts. I think that unless you are completely drafting your own pattern you are still copying something. I might just enter too.

Kyle said...

Ha ha for not wearing the same fabrics at sewing meetups!!! :)
Keep on plugging away at those assessments!!

Summer Flies said...

Good luck with your studies. What are you studying? It's hard work but so satisfying when you study when you are older. I may have to find something to copy!


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