Saturday, 21 September 2013

Victory - Melbourne November meetup

Kristiann from Victory Patterns is visiting Australia in November and when she mentioned this trip, I asked if there was a possibility for a meetup and it's happening on Sunday 24 November.
Does that make a trip to Melbourne for the weekend more worthwhile now? Click here to let us know if you're joining in. TJ has done the detailed planning for this meet up.

That's the same weekend as the Saturday Bendigo gallery visit (FIDM fashion collection). Yoshimi the flying squirrel picked the right weekend to travel from Japan to visit Melbourne. Have you seen Yoshimi's latest outfit? It's very refined.

TJ has developed a full itinerary for Sunday (and Saturday if you're interested). There's fabric shopping included with a visit to the National Gallery Victoria and the Melbourne Museum of course.

It's going to be busy weekend full of fashion and fabric. As Stewie(The family guy) says... Victory is mine.
I'm hoping to make Chloe for our meetup.

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Kirsty said...

You and TJ really are on a roll with the meetups!! Another coup!

Anonymous said...

Good choice! And thanks for putting the bee in Kristiann's bonnet about hanging out in Melbourne XD Attendees for that are already starting to roll in!

velosewer said...

Woo hoo!

Kyle said...

Wow Maria, are you going to meet a blogger from every continent this year???? (sewing penguins?)


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