Sunday, 1 December 2013

Modern Love wrap up

With TJ's expert organising skills, I thoroughly enjoyed the Modern Love exhibit in Bendigo, mainly because of the company and the fashion. The whole weekend was great.
(Left to right: Hui Nie, Jenny, TJ, moi, Yoshimi, Nicole, Leanne and Raquel at the Bendigo Art Gallery)
The exhibit organiser, Leanne, greeted our group at the gallery on her day off. She was a very lovely host. We had permission to take pics as long as we didn't use a flash. Take a closer look at Jenny's self-drafted skirt, TJ's sari dress and Raquel's trousers. 
You know - we all sew...

TJ, Yoshimi and I had a great Indian dinner on the Friday night, wearing our own makes. TJ and Yoshimi's write ups give you a better idea of how great the weekend was. GJ's and Clear it outlet were my Friday afternoon fabric pre-weekend purchase haunts. Yoshimi flew into Melbourne after a wonderful week with the lovely Carolyn.
Friday night post dinner pic.
The pic below was taken outside the Bendigo Art district, again wearing our makes. Have a close look a Yoshimi's bag and dress.
I think we photo bombed the bunny in these shots.
Jenny found a great coffee/deli stop in Kyneton on the way to Bendigo. You should hop over and see Jenny's new self-made chef uniform.
Art is everywhere in Victoria.
And Mason's of Bendigo fed us with their delicate share plates.
But who could resist a dessert plate like this? Everyone grab a pic of TJ and Hui Nie's dessert plate.
At the end of the day we ended up at Joe's shoe store bar. We had loads more catch up time over a drink and the waiter looked after us.

Sunday was a huge day with Kristiann and Simon ie Kristiann's big day out.
Again we're wearing clothes we made and Yoshimi and I wore our Victory pattern dresses (Nicola and Chloe) at NGV, cause it was way too cold to wear them outside. Melbourne locals are experts at layering their clothes - and knowing great places for food.
The four exhibits/costume displays Melbourne had on offer in one day were ideal for everyone. I felt like Melbourne put on all their best exhibits just for us. Lunch was filled with lots more conversation and fun.
(Left to right: Kristiann, me, Hui Nie, Yoshimi, TJ, Raquel, Claire and Kate at Gekkazan in Melbourne’s GPO)
We had time for a bit of city shopping - Koko Black included. I was taunted by Kristiann as she sampled some Koko Black chocolate. Somewhere, I lost my chocolates so I ordered some online. They did arrive; they were consumed; they were good. Now to wait for a Koko Black store in Sydney! The closest store is in Canberra.
The 007 Bond exhibit at Melbourne Museum was scheduled for the afternoon so TJ got Yoshimi to The Fabric Store in time for some much needed fabric purchasing while the rest of us hung out for a real coffee at Sonido.
Then I had to fly home and miss a great dinner with everyone. Everyone from our group that I could find in the 007 exhibit got a hug as I left to catch my flight home - winged it ;) When DH picked me up at the airport, he knew from my big smile that I'd had a great weekend and that he really should have come for the 007 exhibit at the very least.

Thanks to TJ for setting up such an awesome weekend and pics, Yoshimi for spending her Australian weekend in Melbourne with us, Jenny for being a great driver/host and Kristiann and Simon for agreeing to spend their big day out with us. Melbourne lifestyle suits you both - I'm just saying...


Judith said...

Brilliant day, brilliant memories ~ exactly what life is all about! Looks and sounds like the whole weekend was an incredible time ... you lucky thing ... J

Sue said...

Looks a lovely week-end.

Dilliander said...

Too much fun!! Looks like you all have a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing.

BeaJay said...

What a great weekend and post. lots of fun. And to think tat the ACT has something (nice) that Sydney doesn't. LOVE the bunny shots.

Anonymous said...

hahaha 'I'm just sayin' nice. Lovely post Maria-so many awesome memories. Really good spending time with you, feel really lucky to have experienced all those events with great friends (all sewing fans too!).

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

Wow so much in a day. What an awesome time you all had :)

Kyle said...

The bunny shots are so much fun! Looks like a fabulous weekend!!!

SarahLizSewStyle said...

What a lovely weekend you all had - I love Victoria- as you say , Art everywhere.

Jenny said...

Love your write up Maria! It really was a brilliant weekend, wasn't it? This weekend just gone was a nice quiet one mostly at home- can't do those epic weekends ALL the time, phew!! :p

It's really too bad you missed dinner, Cookie was delicious as always, and the beer tasted especially good after traipsing the city all day!


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