Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Urban Presidio

My first Presidio purse was made in a rush. During the whole process I kept thinking, An urban version would be wonderful
My first version is an excellent choice for holidays and weekends. My country purse stored many wine bottles and bottles of mustard, as I discovered while on holidays in Bright. Yep, it's a big purse.
So after a 2 week break from all things sewing (I didn't even buy fabric in Bright) I made another version - the urban Presidio. As you can see above, you can store a Presidio purse in a Presido purse.
This time I added a bit of handbag hardware. These are round 45mm metal rings to match the circles on this print.
The hardware
This fabric is a panel piece from Spotlight and the zippers, trims and bag hardware are from my stash. The panel fabric is fully interfaced.
Front construction view
This version has flat front inserts. This time the small internal pockets are sewn inside the larger internal pockets. I did it the other way around for the country Presidio.
Internal pocket #1
The stash bias used on the inside pockets actually to help me find the pockets against the plain poplin lining. I did say the zippers used are stash zippers?
Internal pocket #2
The ribbons on the zipper pulls will help me open and close the zippers quickly because these are dress zippers and not chunky zippers. Seamstresserin suggests using heavy duty zippers so my 'work around' is to add ribbons on the zipper pull. Alternatively, I could find some large zipper pulls to replace the original zipper pulls. Later.
Back view
I'll be spraying my urban version with waterproofing spray so the white stays 'white' for longer. If I had used an animal print on this Presidio it would qualify for Jungle January but it's spots, and not Zebra spots. 

I'm still behind posting my Presidio purses on seamstresserin's Flickr group however you should have a peek at the range that have been popping up around the world. And there's a sewalong for when you're ready to tackle your own version.

Busy Lizzie in Brizzy suggested a clever resizing option for a more petite version.


BeaJay said...

Great bag. Got to love the freshness of spots.

BusyLizzie said...

Loving the spots! Now I feel like I need to make another one. I like the ribbon idea for the zips too.

RhondaBuss said...

The polka dot bag is beyond fabulous!!!

Sarah Liz said...

I was waiting for the urban version - its gorgeous :)

Sharon said...

Great spotty bag!

Kyle said...

1. Wait, there's such a thing as waterproofing spray?
2. I love that ribbon on your bag! Very clever!!

Kristy said...

Great bag, for me a smaller bag is more practical as I hate digging around to find things. Although a bag than can stash a wine bottle or two would come in handy on occasion!

Janine said...

I love that you have a country and city version. Both fabrics are perfect in their different ways. Can I ask about the long zip. Is that part of the pattern ?


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