Sunday, 4 May 2014

#MMMay wk1

Now at 307 participants, #MMMay14 is certainly underway.

This week I stuck to sorting out my 'after work' clothes. This week's bag to charity has 5 pieces from my wardrobe included Day 4's top.

Day 1: Kwik sew 2694 and eyelet pants similar to Simplicity 2503.

Day 2: Duathlon shorts for 6am bike class. The morning is now a bit chilly so I'll be wearing my longs for outdoor sessions. That also includes cycling.

Day 3: Jalie jeans, Kwik Sew 3567 top, Minoru shower proof jacket and Presido purse. The weather got a lot cooler today and it was wet when I left in the morning.

Day 4: 'May the force be with you' because I'm pooped.
RTW jeans slimmed down by moi, Vogue 7610 jacket, Kwik Sew 3567 and my urban Presidio purse.
I used a panel print for the top but it looks kinda daggy and the fabric doesn't feel nice. What in the 'Phantom Menace' was I thinking when I bought it. I was aiming for a Sci fi look but I came out grunge instead.


Sarah Liz said...

You've done very well with your start to MM14 - it is exhausting. Pity about the panel print - is this in the toss out bag - I'm sure someone will love it.

Gabrielle Corbett said...

Wow, you have such an extensive me made wardrobe - and you've made such a range of clothes and bags!

I admire your discipline in casting off me mades, that's something I really struggle with even when I don't like them!

Sharon said...

A great week and you are so good in getting rid of pieces that don't work.

kbenco said...

It is such a good idea to audit the wardrobe via Me Made May. You are very disciplined. Your clothes are always so beautifully made, it is very inspiring to see how you make use of them in everday life.

Kat said...

Lovin' the outfits so far! I want to share your blog far and wide so I've nominated you for a Liebster! Run over to the blog to check it out if you want to accept it.

Velosewer said...

I know someone else will enjoy this top.


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