Thursday, 29 May 2014

Olive: v-neckline

Remember this olive Olive? Lolita patterns newest pattern with a gorgeous peplum.

Here's how I developed a v-neckline on Olive.
See how the neckline is a wide-ish curve? 

I checked the v-neckline depth I wanted by looking in the mirror and measuring to where I wanted the neckline to end.
Then I folded the pattern at the V point and graduated it to the shoulder line. There was no science to this v-neckline.

Then I took the easy route and created a front neck facing. I do love the facings created for Olive more than my own facings. They sit well and don't 'flip out'. 
Here's my simple back neck facing.

The rest was easy because I'd made this once before and this cotton print was great to work with.  
Adding piping is an additional construction step and a design challenge.

My fabric stash has started to sprout Liberty/floral type fabrics.

And the best way to bring up the style lines with these florals seems to be by adding piping. 
On wearing this version, I think the next version will have a lower v-neckline. 

This v-neckline depth will remain for future 'work-Olives'.

The peplum still sits flat and the sleeve detailing is still lovely. No ruffles this time because the print was 'Lolita' enough for my style.
And Olive is fun to wear.

There are a few more tips for making Olive on the Lolita patterns page.
Serger tips and working with light weight fabrics
Adjusting the bust
Prepping the back and waistband



Leila said...

Love this tutorial. Your Olive looks awesome as a v-neck!! And thanks for linking back to the other Olive tutes.

beajay said...

Great floral Olive - love the piping. Looks lovely and will be a great Spring top - although our weather now is very Springish.

Velosewer said...

Thanks Beajay. It really does feel like Spring at the moment.

Velosewer said...

They're useful tutes Leila. And you put a lot of work into them so thank you too.

Maris Olsen said...

Cute, cute top Maria. LOVE peplums!

Sharon said...

Perfect idea to have the v-neck and it looks great on you.

Velosewer said...

This is a quick make.

Kristy Chan said...

What a lovely print, and the piping really sets it off too. I love peplums too, I hope they stay in fashion for much longer (of course as makers of our wardrobe we don't need to be dictated to about fashion trends!)

Gail said...

I like the print version with piping too.


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