Thursday, 5 June 2014


They do. There are lots of underwear patterns around and Susan of measuretwicescutonce blog has come up with a series of knicker patterns for wovens and knit fabrics. 
She's a local star really.

I attempted to make the knit knickers - The Mary Knickers. All of these patterns come with a design manual. You get to be your own designer with these patterns.
DH had a good chuckle when he saw my first attempt. So I've got a lot of learning to do and maybe I need to work on my design skills a lot more.

He reminded me that sewing should be fun right?
These drawings were my first pattern alterations. The green marking is where I've traced the side leg on the knickers I already own, as a comparison.

So I tried again.

Used a basic beige to test out my alterations. This fabric is much easier on the eyes:)

Finished the gusset edges

Use the coverstitching for the leg edge.

 Then it was time to attempt the pink/fushia version.
This time I used the leg shaping and added elastic at the leg edge. 

And that's a wrap for now.

Thanks Susan for developing these patterns. They're all so cute and Susan's knowledge of all things sewing blows me away everytime we meet.

Dear Susan, Please make a series of bra patterns. That's another skill I want to develop in a class environment this time.Take care.



beajay said...

Very nice. I keep thinking I should make some undies but I have so much more to make - love your new knickers.

Kristy Chan said...

I agree with Bev - I should make some too because if there's one garment you should have well fitted it's your undies, but I have too many other things to make and I like showing off my finished garments!

Velosewer said...

I felt the same way about having other things to make, but #everyonedeservesprettyknickers was my push to 'just do it'.

Velosewer said...

He he. I will give the world a break by not 'showing these off'.

Sharon said...

Another who wants to make them but at least have signed up for a bra class LOL.

Sarah Liz said...

Now this is dedication to the craft - mind you on my list as well. Actually, there is a lesson in this - our mastery in things we can make well has come at quite a price - we all sit and make multiple mistakes in learning how to sew nice things. Every time I tackle a new fabric or technique, or perhaps something that is unfamiliar, I find it takes a few attempts to master. yes, and sewing always fun then :)!!!!

Melanie Wise said...

Awesome, I love it. I can't wait to start making my own.

Velosewer said...

All the best!!!

Velosewer said...

I always have a few goes at it to get the 'real' version right.

Velosewer said...


Measure Twice Cut Once said...

These are all so wonderful! How good is proper fitting underwear? I love how satisfying it is to be able to make my own knickers and am so glad that I can share the patterns with everyone.


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