Sunday, 28 September 2014

Hop. Skip. Bump.

Sewing, crotchet, knitting and embroidery extraordinaire Sam of Stitched up by Samantha is amazing to follow. 

She does a lot of crafting and isn't afraid to try her hand at a new project.
Sam has been blogging since 2012 and we had a ball at the Minerva Meet up earlier this year. So I agreed to be the next 'blog hop'. 

Why do I write?

Mmm. Ok. Here it is then.
In my early school years, I was always sent to 'special English' classes. So I essentially write to practice these skills.
Recently I was told the real reason why I got sent to 'special English' classes...

The bottom line is I love writing and I found out that there are others in my family who are 'writers' and where my parents come from, their culture encourages you to write poems and stories. So it's all worked out for the best.

What am I working on?

  • My Minerva make each month. I get to make something each month courtesy of Minerva Crafts. While all the Minerva bloggers are in the Northern hemisphere and I'm not, it's amazing to see how we sometimes use the same fabrics but to suit our own style.
  • Activewear because Spring has arrived and my gym gear is more worn out than I am at 6am in the morning. And I really need to take off this 'winter' weight. I've entered a fun run in November as my goal.
  • Plans to make some clothes with elements from costumes in Game of Thrones and my latest fav, Outlander. Not costumes, but ideas from clothes worn by characters in these books.
  • Two 'gradual' projects are making a bra (cough, cough) and helping a friend get a jacket pattern to fit her, so she can make it again and again.

Kwik Sew 3790 an office TNT staple
How does your blog differ from other sewing blogs?
Well to be honest, my blog is no different from other sewing blogs. 
1. I plan projects. Or I change my mind and get involved in the latest sewing challenge.
2. I test patterns. Or I just get stuck into a pattern and make it up.
3. I make adjustments to a pattern. Or I just move on and make the next 2 or 3 versions.
4. I take photos as I sew and post them. 
Grainline martime shorts #3
How does your writing process work?
I write when I have a project idea. 
Then I keep writing about the project as I contemplate the challenging steps that confound me along the way.
I'll have at least 4 draft projects running at the same time both on my blog and on my PR account. They're my online notebooks. 
When I get stuck on one project, I move the another project to give my head 'breathing space'. The solution pops up when I've moved onto another project.
Trifecta Tee worn with test skinny jeans Vogue 2104
Sadly, I haven't been able to hand the blog hop baton to anyone because it's been so successful that the bloggers I've approached are already a different blog hop thread.


beajay said...

Love your post. Really looking forward to seeing your Game of Thrones inspired clothes and getting the jacket done.

Accordion3 said...

Your writing style is terrific. Love your responses & your blog. Being a cyclist helps too.

Tomasa said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. The outfits you have posted above look great on you. I especially love that red top with yellow jeans.

Judith said...

I also love your natural writing style, it is always a pleasure to read, equally as pleasurable as looking at the great garments your whip up ... can't wait to see your coming Spring/Summer makes ... J

Sarah Liz said...

Always lovely to find out more about a fellow sewing blogger. It's interesting that you always have more than one thing on the go - I guess it's the only way to keep the momentum going. It will be interesting seeing your costume inspirations in garments.

Velosewer said...

Thanks Beajay. I hope you recover soon. That jacket is on my mind too.

Velosewer said...

Thanks A. Cycling does help right? :)

Velosewer said...

Thanks Tomasa. You're work is great too.

Velosewer said...

With the heat on full bore at the moment, I'm back into working with cotton and linen again:)

Velosewer said...

I realised that if I only have one project going, and I get stuck (reality) by the time I get back to it, days or weeks could have passed. This way I've always got a busy mind and fabric in my hands.


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