Monday, 1 September 2014

Jeans and heels

This very first pair (Jalie 2908) were a test and they're certainly a weekend staple. I made these in 2011.
These jeans were made to wear with flat shoes but these jeans don't look great with heels.
This second pair are also good to wear with my Converse shoes but not with heels.

I really wanted a pair of jeans to wear with heels. So out came Jalie 2908 for another make in 2014. 

Below is a pic of both pairs of jeans and while the roll cost $4, the denim colour has kept true to colour. You can see the new pair of jeans (WIP view) are longer. 

Added 2" at mid calf level.
Lowered the front pockets by 1.5cm
Took out 1.5cm from centre back yoke
Top stitched everything possible.
Used rivets where possible because rivets help the jeans shape hold over time.
For a $4/roll of denim from The Remnant Warehouse, it's kept it colour really well.
This time I followed the Jalie instructions to sew in the zipper. I'd previously followed Sandra Betzina's video but kept finding the jeans zipper hovered to the right. This time these jeans sits as designed - centre.

Zippers at your heels?
Above is a pic of how I placed the zippers at the hems (WIP).

The first spot I put the zippers were right in the middle at the back leg hem. When I checked this in the mirror, the zippers didn't sit above my shoe heels so I moved the zippers 2.5cm across to the side seam and that's where I decided to sew them in.
Here's how I prepped the welt area with the quilt cotton I used for the pocket bag lining.
The pic above shows how the exposed zipper 'bit' is prepared - kinda like a welt pocket.
I had to check twice that the welt was just shy of the zipper length before I sewed the zipper in. 

The zipper pull will tap on my shoe heels as I walk, so you'll know I'm approaching you when I wear these jeans.

I fused the zipper in place before I sewed these in.
Here's how the sewn in zippers looked before I finished the hems.

And I did topstitch these zippers too.

Do you think they're in the right spot?
Jeans and heels.
Farm visit
If you follow me on Instagram, on the weekend Mr V and I were visiting friends and their farm out at Gulgong and we visited Hill End historic site.

Paired with my favourite wool Swanndri vest, new blue knit Vogue top (more on that later), new Jalie jeans and new boots - I was a country gal for the weekend. Yee-haw.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. 
A blooming Golden Wattle tree is a true sign Spring is here.

PS: You do realise there's another pair of jeans in the pipeline?
Baroque black and white stretch denim
But wait, there's come.


Cherrypix said...

Zippedy-DO, very cool placement! You know I am going to have to investigate that b+w denim?! Baroque, no less!! Just gorgeous!

Lori said...

Great job on the zipper placement and new jeans for heels.

Tomasa said...

Love your jeans and I look forward to seeing the Baroque black and white jeans!

Sarah Liz said...

Can't wait to see the Baroque jeans :)

Maris Olsen said...

Love the zips, and can't wait to see the Baroque jeans when they are done. Nice work, as usual!!

kbenco said...

Very nice jeans. I love the heel zips!

JustSew Jenna said...

Great jeans, I'm gearing up to try some jeans this winter. I have used the blue colour way of that baroque stretch denim, I made a pair of shorts with it and they have been worn a lot!

Velosewer said...

The baroque print is simply gorgeous in real life.

Velosewer said...

Thanks Lori.

Velosewer said...

Thanks Tomasa.

Velosewer said...

You'll love them.

Velosewer said...

You're too kind.

Velosewer said...

I just had to add the zips.

Velosewer said...

JS Jenna. I know what you mean. I could have worn the baroque jeans all weekend.

Kristy Chan said...

Great work Maria, your top stitching is impeccable. I still have two metal zips I bought from Pitt Trading when I was with you at the last Spoolettes meet up that I've been meeting to make up just like this. Looking forward to the print pair

Joanne Roberts said...

I am building up to making jeans. I am on a prototype pair of cords at the moment while I get to know my bum shape and transfer it onto the pattern. Jo x

Velosewer said...

You wouldn't happen to have one of those bendy rulers? Once you get the botty shape right, it's a cinch to keep using that shape. I love the idea of cord jeans.

Velosewer said...

You'll love the look once you make them. Thanks Kristy.

Sharon said...

Great idea to add the zips and adjust the jeans for heels.

Joy said...

The zips (and jeans) look great! Now adding zips in legs is something I have not done.

Velosewer said...

I think you could do this easily Joy.

Velosewer said...



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