Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tech post - McCalls 6898

An unassuming shirt can be turned into any look you want. So I chose McCalls 6898 that the lovely Lynelle bought for me on her trip to Sydney this year. I couldn't let this pattern sit there for too long and gather dust.
 From the line drawing, I liked the waist shaping.
And I fell for this floral print to get me into Spring. It's very English to me.
Cotton print from Minerva Crafts
The reds and blues are on a cream background. The fabric is a lovely shirt-weight and irons nicely. You should see how nicely the french seams look too.
Pleats not gathers
There are gathers on the lower shirt pieces and on the sleeves. I opted for pleats.
Shortened lower pieces
Petite points
Sometimes I simply take off the length at the hem. This time I decided to take off the length at the hip level because I wanted to keep the shaping. So the length came off just under the notch point.
Shortening the sleeve
Again, I took the length off under the 3/4 sleeve hem to keep the shaping at the cuff.

This actual shirt - you'll see it later this week.


Mrs. Smith said...

I just picked this one up and was also thinking pleats!! I can't wait to see it finished. The fabric is beautiful!

beajay said...

Looking forward to seeing that shirt finished. Love that fabric.

Judith said...

This is going to look lovely when finished, such a great pattern, and beautiful fabric ... J

Tomasa said...

I love the cinched in waist. The silhouette will be very flattering and the fabric is pretty. It will be a beautiful blouse.

Velosewer said...

The pleats are easy to do. I only did one pleat for the lower blouse gathers.

Velosewer said...

I love wearing it too. Thanks Beajay.

Velosewer said...

I'm glad you have the same vision:)

Velosewer said...

Thanks Tomasa.

Joy said...

I love the shape of this! Very pretty. It's very like the new Deer & Doe blouse (which is next in my queue.)


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