Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Threshold shorts - Fehr Trade's newie

Melissa's new shorts pattern is now 'go'!
I pattern test for Melissa with a great bunch of sewists and Melissa's a great person to test for. This is a very smart design and it does cater to my curves and cyclist thighs.
She's thought this pattern through and through. Her development process began in May so for those of us that are now in Spring, you can make a fresh batch of running shorts with this pattern now. Yes, there's a launch discount too.
My test version was calico and I now have some decent fabrics to make a couple pairs. I'd don't run for training. 
But now I'm going to train for a 9km fun run in November. Didn't plan on it, but I want to give these shorts a real life test through training and the actual run. And the VNA top too.
Plus there's some Winter padding I'd like to get rid of thanks.

Launch discount
If you've been holding back on buying Melissa's patterns she has a 15% off code for
all her patterns plus a 10% off code for UK Fabrics here:

So Spring is here and you now have the chance to make some new gear and get out into the sun and fresh air again.

Frocktails was 3 days ago and I'll tell you about my outfit later this week.

Check out Kirsty's dress. Jen's latest outfit is amazing. Myra's robot sigma was spot on. You know there will be more post-Frocktails posts up this week so keep an eye out for them. Especially our fab organiser Kat

Sydney Frocktails event was accompanied by the Mocktail version in Melbourne. Brilliant.


Sarah Liz said...

This pattern does look like it would work on curves on the run :)

Kat said...

I've already bought my pattern and ordered some fabric! My thighs are, um, not shaped like a Nike model's, so I cannot wait to try these. Thanks for heralding the good news!

Kirsty Bunfield (kbfield) said...

Thanks for the shout out Maria and I can't wait to see you made up shorts. go you with a 9km run!

Velosewer said...

I don't have Nike model legs either so this weekend I'm hoping to a pair made. Happy to help Kat!

Velosewer said...

You're dress was wonderful on Saturday. Thanks Kirsty.

Velosewer said...

He he. You're right:)

Tomasa said...

I look forward to seeing your version of these shorts! Good luck with training for the run!


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