Sunday, 2 November 2014

Funkifabrics gym gear

The time to wear tame gym gear is over, thanks to Funkifabrics*.
Dyesplosion was my first print choice from Funkifabrics. This print has lots of strong colours and various dyesplosion points. 

You can see the size of the print when you click on the print image. The image is framed with a ‘tape measure’. That’s what drew me to choose dyesplosion. The challenge was getting the print placement as right as possible. As Funkifabrics is a UK fabric manufacturer I then choose two of FehrTrade’s patterns for this print.

XYT top
Dyesplosion and Funkifabric’s lining are used to keep me ‘in place’. I chose XYT Y-back version and used a red lycra accent for a bit of interest. 

This dyesplosion XYT top works well whether I have a tan or not. We’ve just hit Spring or you could say Spring has hit us in Australia, and so this is as fair as my skin gets.

Duathlon leggings
There’s a huge dyesplosion spot on this print so I managed to place it on the side of my legs. 
Wearing dyesplosion duathlon leggings and one of my first XYT tops.
The pockets break up this big print. So my cyclist thighs look like their exploding.

I’ve kept these leggings to above the knee length so I can wear these for boot camp training or cycling classes.
Hamming it up before class
The ‘gym style police’ suggested I wear these pieces separately. So I’ve complied with their request.
The seams are overlocked.
Tech points
If you only have one sewing machine, you can sew this top up using a slim zigzag stitch for the seams and twin needle for top stitching.

I used the overlocker and coverstitch machines to sew these pieces together. 
Here on the left you can see the clear elastic has been zigzag stitched to the neckline.
On the right I'm coverstitching it for a clean finish.
See how nicely the coverstitching looks.
The good news is my coverstitch machine loves this fabric!!! So that means it’s a sturdy quality fabric ie not flimsy.
Here's an inside look at the XYT built in bra.
The lining from FunkiFabrics has great recovery. It’s soft on my skin and it feels nicer than some of the powermesh I’ve been able to buy locally.

Wash and wear
As soon as this fabric arrived at my door step I threw this straight into the washing machine on normal cycle and then put it out on a very warm day. The colour held fast and I didn’t notice any shrinkage or colour fade. This print is as vibrant as it was when it arrived.

This print has no right way or ‘right side up’ to it. This fabric also has lots of stretch in all directions. So from my point of view, this is a versatile print. You can place your pattern pieces in any direction and get the most out of this fabric.

*About Funkifabrics

They manufacture unique and special activewear fabric. You can read more about them here

Considering sewing your own activewear? Read Susan's activewear.

PS: The local gym now has me on CCTV - LOL.


Velosewer said...

I think mad prints make your look faster.
I hope google plays nice with you. Let me know if you need a hand.

Anita said...

Just love the sportswear you make. And those fabrics are wicked. :)

Amanda Adams said...

Damn this is AWESOME! All of the colour! Also, you're looking super duper buff at the mo, Maria!

Hoffi Coffi said...

The 'gym style police' sound scary!!! :) Love this print - will share this post with my sewing/running sister.

KaSchu said...

Glorious colours and fabulous activewear. They almost make me wish I went to the gym :-)

Fadanista said...

This is such great exercise gear. I am totally tempted to get the Fehr Trade patterns, but then I would need to buy the fabric too.

Tomasa said...

Love your activewear! You look nice and fit too!

Megan O said...

I love that fabric and it is perfect for the active wear you made. Look at you with that fab body ready for summer too. I need to stop eating winter pies and get active myself!

Velosewer said...

The fabric is wicked/awesome. Thanks Anita.

Velosewer said...

I thought you might like these colours and this post Amanda. I'm hoping to put a few more to encourage you and Myra with your Spring gym awesomeness in the making.

Velosewer said...

Thanks HC. The 'gym style police' are very focused. Love those shorts you made recently too.

Velosewer said...

Thanks KaSchu.

Velosewer said...

I like how you can make the Fehr Trade's tops as weekend wear rather than just exercise gear. I've done that with the XYT for summer.

Velosewer said...

Thanks Tomasa.

Velosewer said...

Thanks Megan. I have to remind myself that 'salads can be tasty':)

Measure Twice Cut Once said...

that is a spotchtacular outfit! They look great and I love the pairing of a slip of red down the sides of the pants and for the back part of the top. Boo to the gym style police, it would look so bright together!

Sharon said...

No hiding in these garments, love the bright colours!

beajay said...

Ready steady go! You are so ready for exercise in these great outfits. Good job.

Velosewer said...

of course.

Velosewer said...

I think my outfit wakes them up at 6am:)

Velosewer said...

Thanks Beajay


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