Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Drafting binge

I'm being impulsive and adjusting my basic block patterns for the next two Outlander dresses. 
These are my no dart blocks

Drafting  class notes from the community college course
As soon as the weather cools down I'll be making trousers again so I really have to get these dresses out of my system.
Adjusted bodice
One of my makes has a contrasting piece that runs from the bodice to the skirt, hence I've been redrafting the bodice and developed it to suit. 
First test bodice using polycotton non-stretch fabric
Once I was happy with the dimensions of this bodice it was simple to do the same treatment to the skirt, after I drafted out the skirt darts. You'll see this dress next week. Promise.

Then the final make is a corset and skirt combo. This time I decided to adjust a similar styled vest and convert it to a corset. I just couldn't find the right corset and decided to grab a Simplicity costume pattern as the base. 

Original vest tested for size
This pattern has the boning placement on the side bodice pieces so I'm using polyester boning as corset making isn't my forte, but I wanted to give this garment a go.
Practicing with polyester boning. Will soon try using steel boning as a comparison.
This time I decided to treat the skirt fabric for a long line skirt to see if it works on my shape and height. On each test version I'm using polycotton fabric with no stretch.

I don't know as yet if any of these design ideas will work but I'm having a ball trying. 

So I'm hoping that by the time I get these two dresses finished, the second part of Series 1 will be on tv and I can sit back and enjoy the costumes again.


beajay said...

This looks very exciting. Good luck with it.

Accordion3 said...

I'm enjoying watching all these different garments coming together.

Velosewer said...

Thanks Beverley. This does keep me awake at night.

Velosewer said...

It's like putting a puzzle of loveliness together.

Therese said...

You always make such unusual pieces and they all turn out great!

Amy T said...

Gosh you're just so productive at the minute. I'm in awe. Looking forward to seeing what you make next


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