Thursday, 4 June 2015

Jacket fav: Vogue 8931

Finally. I found a jacket style I like and a pattern I have already fitted (Vogue 8931) for this month's Minerva Crafts project. This French crepe and buttons worked together well. The fabric is soft, resilient and was a confidence builder. 

These buttons in two different sizes take this jacket from ordinary to being 'just a bit different'. My idea was to take 'ordinary' navy to a more interesting look.

My wardrobe plan is to have a work jacket for this dress too.
The purple jacket gets worn regularly in the office and the shape has held up really well. I've worn this jacket for over a year so I know the fit works. This time I've made the 3-button version with the buttons 'on show' and adding 'real' pockets. I went for a riding jacket style.

The jacket

So here's the new jacket with my highland inspired dress looking 'highland-like'. Ok, I'll stop smiling now.

Here's how the new jacket looks up close and I've blued up the colour so you can see the contrasts.
I still can't believe my piping worked. It really did.
I always get my jackets and coats professionally pressed once they're made.

Here are the main areas where a deep breath and a calm atmosphere helped me along the way.


I used the pocket pieces from Vogue 8732, because that's what I had available to me. The welts were made thinner.

I've used a contrasting thread to guide my sewing.

Here's the underside that I have to contend with.

Below is the corner pocket stitching that keeps the pocket square.
I call these two happy smiling pockets.

Facing detailing

This is something I enjoy doing as my signature detailing.
I also felt I needed to use the navy ribbon I had order for the highland dress but didn't use.

Collar notches

Now this isn't the collar technique I used. I followed the instructions and below is my checking to make sure they matched.


I don't usually handstitch along the sleeve stitching line but this time I did to make sure the sleeve was puckerless. This crepe is beautiful and very pliable.


These are the markings I made to make sure the buttonholes all started and finished in the same place.

I love these buttons.

So you could say I love this jacket style and it goes with a few pieces I already have in my wardrobe. I could use this jacket as a riding jacket, and I'll show you what I mean in July.

Thanks again to Minerva Crafts for supplying everything to make this riding jacket.
Now this jacket is a work staple.


Tomasa said...

Looks like you have quite a versatile jacket. Love the smiling pockets. :)

Joanne Roberts said...

Funny, I have a navy jacket on my list after doing me made may. That is a really classy style

Cari Homemaker said...

This is beautiful. Great job giving a basic / staple item a unique look.

beajay said...

Tres sophisticated! Love the colour and the piping. Very nice indeed.

MushyWear said...

I love the color and style of your jacket. It turned out beautifully.

Irene said...

What a beautiful jacket! The white piping really sets off the pockets and the collar. Gorgeous.

Amanda Adams said...

Oh, wow. This is AWESOME, Maria! I love the piping - it is such an amazing touch. And curiously- where do you get your jackets pressed after you make them? Dry cleaner? It is a brilliant idea!

RiAnge said...

Wowza! Tres chic. I love a classic jacket. As always, you've done a wonderful job.

Velosewer said...

They do smile. Thanks Tomasa.

Velosewer said...

It's a versatile colour and I can see a navy jacket work with your navy print shift dress. It's a gorgeous print choice you made.

Velosewer said...

Thanks Cari.

Velosewer said...

Happy to share the knowledge Beajay.

Velosewer said...

Thanks Shannon.

Velosewer said...

Any drycleaner will just press a jacket if you specify to 'just press it'.

Velosewer said...

You're so kind.


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