Sunday, 28 August 2016

Pinup girls Classic bra

This time I decided to test out the Pin-up Girls Classic bra to use up some of my bra stash. I bought this from Sew Squirrel.
So far this year I've bought three bra kits from Susan of Measuretwicecutonce so I felt is was time to give the yellow kit a try. 
Susan constantly changes her kits so I keep an eye on what she has on offer each month.
 This cream colour on is the test version I made using the Classic bra pattern.
 The cups were a bit high for me so I adjusted them for Susan's kit.
 Above the progress shot and as you can see, the lace is not lined.
I used the premade bra strap to check the ones I made using Susan's kit. The level of details in making bras can 'do your head in'. I certainly does my head in.
Here's the final version and I've applied a gold pre-made rose.
This version uses leftover pieces from both bras and I've used a bigger pre-made flower for the finishing touch. The inner lace is lined but not the side cup.

I still have two more kits to make up but I've put these aside for now. There are some foam bra cup shapes I've purchased locally so they might be the next bra projects to conquer.

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