Monday, 31 October 2016

Blue poppies

New Look 6000 is a good basic dress block so this was perfect for this blue poppy print. I bought this fabric from The Cloth Shop Ivanhoe as soon as I saw it online.

The key to placing this print is when you layout the pattern. I was more than happy for the bulk of the blue to be across my waistline.
These patterns have my basic adjustments and the bulk of the print is across the waistline point. It was simply that easy to do.
There was no need to match poppies at the seams.
I kept the full border across the waistline.
The neckline was a high square neckline I drafted and instead of using facings, I fully lined this in dress with a white sunsilky fabric.

I clipped the sleeve seams to flatten the sleeves at the front of the dress.

Pattern adjustments:

  • 4cm off the sleeve length and forward shoulder adjustment
  • 7cm off the hem
  • sway back adjustment
  • 2cm off the bust point.
I can safely say, this dress held its own on Saturday night at Brisbane's Spoolette party.
I enjoyed catching up with everyone this year and the venue was perfect. 

Future versions:
You'll see my work version later this week.
Possibly there may be a side pleat version too.

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