Sunday, 16 July 2017

Guipure brilliance

This has been my guipure lace year and it's all because of the guipure lace skirt workshop I did in Brisbane with Susan Khalje.
Front dress finished
This little royal blue green version was all bought from Selective Fine Fabrics before I did Susan's lace skirt workshop in March.
Back dress finished
The colours in these fabrics were too brilliant to pass.
This is the 'almost' finished front neckline. I harvested lace to complete the blue space.
I've used New Look 6000 to showcase this lace and its colour brilliance.
I did a fair amount of thread tracing to keep the lace in alignment horizontally and vertically.

Below is what thread tracing and hand stitching the lace to the fabric looks like.
This view shows the hand picked centre back zipper up close.
My original idea was to have a solid blue centre back but it would have taken away from the lace.

The lace design was too large to have a solid blue centre back.
What you see above is the centre back where the lace doesn't quite meet up, so I had to 'harvest' pieces of lace to cover the blue trail.
This has the harvested lace to cover the blue spacing.
This side view shows you how I had to piece the lace to it flowed over my hips.
Here's a close up of the hips lace shaping process.
Lots of pins and my trusty Prym shoulder ham helped.
I started this dress in April and I've been working on it while finishing off other projects. What I have realised is having breaks from this dress has helped me understand the lace pattern and have been able to make it work on this dress.

Slow sewing is worth it when it's a gorgeous silk piece with amazing lace.

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