Friday, 16 February 2018

The last jedi

December brought us the next episode of Star Wars - The Last Jedi.
Last year Spotlight was getting rid of this classic Star Wars print.
I made this dress to watch the movie. We saw the movie before Christmas and we stayed in town that night.
I like wearing this dress because it has shape without feeling tight.
I used Burda 7111 that I picked up from a visit to Pitt Trading.
This pattern is designed for softer woven fabrics so using this Star Wars cotton fabric wasn't the best choice for testing but I used it anyway.
As you can see here, I've since made this dress in a softer digital print remnant bought from Pitt Trading.
The dress sits much better with this softer fabric.
I washed my Star Wars dress and the colour from the neckline trim ran, so I made it again after also pre-washing the petersham tape. I no longer have this print in my stash and I'm happy with that outcome.

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