Friday, 13 April 2018

Going tropo

Last year I tested the Tropo camisole designed by Erin now rebranded as Tuesday Stitches.
This Tropo camisole is Erin's latest pattern.
This top has a few versions available that you should have a look at.
My test version was this red version.  I used bra strapping and bra notions for all the Tropos I made.
I made two tops and two dresses from this pattern because it's so quick to make, even when using bra notions.
The internal bra makes this a handy cami pattern.

By the way, the green skirt above is a test version of Susan Khalje's skirt pattern.
The bra notions helps fit this better depending on your style and body type. The bra shelf make this easy to wear confidently.
I'm still working on the best length of this top.
Finally I have a strappy knit dress with support for Summer.
When I was cutting out this as a dress, the fabric print needed some thought.
Here's the dress version in the plaid lycra.
The front and back patterns pieces are the same so the image above shows how I tried to match the stripes while I was cutting the dress out.
This version has a wider skirt section cut out.
So the back looks a better fit.
Erin's instructions for this pattern were clear and easy to follow. I only used the instructions at the start because I used bra making techniques for all of these versions that I made.

All of these cami versions have been great to wear for Summer and our current hot Autumn weather.

All of these fabrics, elastics and bra notions were purchased from Pitt Trading.


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